A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 526

On the other end of the phone, Sun Yuhao cursed frantically.
Almost exhausted all kinds of vicious words, and greeted Han Li’s eight generations of ancestors.
Obviously, Sun Yuhao at this time vented all the fear that Ye Fan had brought to him before on Han Li.
After all, if Han Li, an old lady, had been encouraging him to marry her daughter, and had been asking him to marry Qiu Mucheng, he would not have come to where he is today.
Although Ye Fan let him go yesterday, Sun Yuhao was still very frightened, and now he was too scared to go out.
After all, what he coveted was Ye Fan’s wife. He had destroyed Mr. Chu’s marriage before. He was really scared. Ye Fan would be in a bad mood and settle accounts after the fall.
At that time, I am afraid that it is not only his Sun Yuhao, but even their entire Sun family will be finished!
“Woo…Wooho, what are you~”
Han Li was completely stunned by the scolding at the time, her old face flushed, and her arms holding the phone were shaking.
Han Li didn’t even think that Sun Yuhao, who was still close and kind to his mother yesterday, had such a big change overnight.
Not only scolded her, but also said that people would kill her? Remember to read in one second
When Han Li listened, her face was pale and she was shaking.
Sun Yuhao’s previous curses were not small, and the sound of Han Li’s mobile phone was loud again. Qiulei on the side apparently heard it too.
Suddenly complained to Han Li: “It must be your stinky lady who is asking for something from Young Master Sun again. It’s anxious!”
“I am scolded now, deserve it!”
“Don’t be so stunned, please call your brother and ask your brother to persuade Master Sun.”
The couple was obviously not reconciled, and just missed a golden turtle son-in-law, so Han Li really hit Han Hai over.
“Brother, your mother! Han Li, ah Han Li, you idiot with no bead, I almost got killed by you.”
“You stupid girl, don’t call me anymore. I am not your brother, and I am not such a stupid sister.”
“If there are things with no eyes, you dare to offend anyone, so you can cheat us!”
“If it is because of Mucheng, you are afraid that nine lives are not enough to kill.”
“I advise you to do it yourself.”
“Otherwise, wait for you to die~”
Han Hai was also full of anger and resentment towards sister Han Li.
Had it not been for her to keep saying that Ye Fan was incapable, he was just a rural turtle and poor dick, he would not look down on Ye Fan so much, let alone offend him. Now he almost lost his life, how could Han Hai not be angry ?
Naturally cursed madly at Han Li.
If it wasn’t for that he wasn’t in Yunzhou now, otherwise, Han Hai would have to kick Han Li, an eyeless fool!
There was a bang.
Han Hai also hung up.
But Han Li and his wife were completely shocked. The feeling was as if thunder had struck their foreheads. The couple were dumbfounded and their brains were blank.
All changed overnight!
Sun Yuhao scolded her, and now his brother is scolding her.
Let her wait to die, let her do it for herself.
Could it be that Han Li, she really offended others?
Han Li was so scared that she cried, staggering almost on the ground.
And Qiu Lei was even more frightened, and slapped Han Li’s face in anger: “You shameless girl, let you clean your mouth and curse less. What about now?”
“Even Young Master Sun was so scared that he ran away, what the hell did you do, you prodigal girl?”
“Who did you mess with?”
“Sooner or later, my Qiu family will be killed by your wicked lady!” Qiu Lei was also scared to cry at the time. He was a human being with his tail clipped all his life, and he never caused trouble, because he was afraid that he might provoke some serious people.
But who would have thought that the thing he worries most now has happened.
Han Li shed tears, crying in panic, and kept shaking her head: “Brother Lei, I…I don’t know, I really don’t know.”
“You have to believe me, I really didn’t provoke anyone, I really didn’t provoke any trouble, at most I just swear badly~”
“Brother Lei, you have to save me, you have to help me, you can’t ignore me~”

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