A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 530

When she said these words, Qiu Mucheng clenched her jade hands tightly, and there was inexplicable determination in her beautiful eyes.
The moonlight is like water, faintly falling.
At this moment, under the moonlight, Ye Fan only felt that the woman in front of him was so charming.
What he admired most is not Qiu Mucheng’s stubborn and aloof quality?
Like an arrogant and glamorous Xuemei, Aoshuang Douxue, left alone.
To be able to conquer such a woman, for Ye Fan, is it more sense of accomplishment, right?
“Sorry, I said too much.” After talking about f8346197, Qiu Mucheng seemed to realize that she had said too much.
On weekdays, she has always been that kind of cold and arrogant temperament, and rarely shows her heart to others, even to her parents.
But I don’t know why. When facing the man in front of her, she would unconsciously remove the pretense in her heart and reveal to him the softest part of her heart.
Ye Fan chuckled softly: “Fool, there is nothing between you and me.”
“As long as you know, at any time, there will be someone standing behind you and supporting you.” First URL m.
“You never fight alone.”
“Well, it’s late, so you can rest earlier. I won’t bother you.”
After Ye Fan finished speaking, he went back to the study.
This made Qiu Mucheng behind her teeth tickled with anger.
This bastard, does he like to sleep alone in the study?
One night passed quickly.
Before going to work, Qiu Mucheng asked Ye Fan if he had anything to do at noon today, and accompanied him to a dinner.
When his wife spoke, Ye Fan naturally agreed.
Therefore, at eleven o’clock at noon, Ye Fan was already waiting at the door of Qiu Mucheng’s company.
Ten minutes later, Qiu Mucheng also got off work, and went to the agreed eating place with Ye Fan.
“Ye Fan, you will listen more and talk less in a while.”
“This meal is very important to me, it is related to an important approval.”
“This approval can’t be obtained, and the opening ceremony of our Mufan Real Estate may have to be postponed!”
On the way, Qiu Mucheng told Ye Fan.
She let Ye Fan accompany her mainly because of safety considerations.
After all, a woman attending a dinner alone is always a little risky.
Qiu Mucheng couldn’t believe it for others to accompany her. After thinking about it, it would be best for Ye Fan to accompany her.
“Yeah.” Ye Fan nodded. “But it’s been almost a month. Hasn’t the company’s license or the like been completed yet?”
Speaking of this, Qiu Mucheng was also helpless.
“Now that the real estate market is tightening, various qualification examinations are much stricter than before.”
“It’s so easy to do a good job in a company.”

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