A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 531

“What’s more, the real estate development in Yunzhou is now close to saturation, and the state has strictly controlled land supply.”
“Now this qualification approval is even more difficult.”
“These days, the reason why the company has not opened for a long time is completely because the last approval was not obtained and it was stuck.”
“Today I got news that the leader of the Administration for Industry and Commerce in charge of real estate approval will eat at the Meinian Hotel. Whether this approval can be obtained as soon as possible to get the company on track, it all depends on today.”
On the way to the Millenia Hotel, Qiu Mucheng worriedly told Ye Fan.
When Ye Fan listened, he couldn’t help frowning: “Why haven’t you got the qualification approval? Didn’t you all plan to start business before?”
Qiu Mucheng sighed, “Yes, Mr. Zhang also said before that the people from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau are already doing it, and they can get it right away. But then he didn’t know what was going on, and suddenly said that we did not have the qualifications for real estate development. , We have not accepted our qualification application.”
“Later, I kept contacting the leaders of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, but I couldn’t get in touch at all. They ignored us. I finally got the whereabouts of the leaders of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau today, so I came here quickly.”
Qiu Mucheng’s words were heavy, because of this incident, the entire company’s operation plan was undoubtedly disrupted.
Without this qualification certificate, Mufan Real Estate will not be qualified to develop real estate, and the company will naturally be unable to officially operate.
However, when Qiu Mucheng said these words, she didn’t even notice, Ye Fan’s gloomy eyes. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
At the beginning, this Mufan real estate was established by Ye Fan’s request to Xu Lei, the beauty president of Hongqi Group.
With Xu Lei’s skill, it is impossible not to get a qualification certificate.
Now that this kind of disorder has suddenly appeared, then in Ye Fan’s view, there is only one possibility, that is, someone is making trouble!
“Mucheng, has the company offended anyone or company recently?” Ye Fan asked in a deep voice.
Qiu Mu b54ce1c3 Orange shook his head: “No. Not long after the registration of Mufan Real Estate, it has not started formal operations. It is impossible to offend anyone.”
After that, there was a long silence in the car.
Ye Fan’s brows were still frowning, and he had to wonder.
If someone is making trouble, who will it be?
And when Ye Fan was puzzled, not far from them, there was an Audi A6L driving slowly along the road.
In the car, Qiu Guang, the boss of the Qiu family, was driving, and Qiu Muying and his wife were sitting in the back.
Now relying on the cooperation with the Hongqi Group, Qiu’s family has made a lot of money, even the car has been replaced with a new one.
“Mu Ying and Wen Fei, you still have a lot of face. This Director Wang Xingduo, I have invited him several times, but he has not been invited. Now you have only asked for a call.”
“It seems that if we can get the qualification approval of our Qiushui Real Estate, we have to count on your husband and wife.” Qiu Guang’s compliment came from inside the car.
Qiu Muying tilted Erlang’s legs, leaning on her husband at the moment, with a smug look on her face.
“Uncle, it’s all trivial matters.”
“Now that you and Grandpa plan to enter real estate, of course Wenfei and I must fully support it.”
“As for today’s dinner, you and grandpa don’t have to worry. Although we are not familiar with Wang Xingduo, my father-in-law knows him well.”
“Acquaintances are easy to handle.”
“Since we can remove the real estate development qualification of Mufan Real Estate, we can naturally obtain the real estate development qualification for our Qiushui Real Estate!”
“So, you and grandpa should put a hundred thoughts on the matter of approval, and put it on me and my husband.”
Qiu Muying promised, patting her chest.

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