A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 534

“Yingying, Qiushui Real Estate has been my grandfather’s wish for decades. I used to suffer from lack of funds, but now I have money and people, so it’s just a matter of approval.”
“Your uncle and I have been in contact with Director Wang several times before. Although we haven’t reached a conclusion yet, we are still close.”
“If you can kick it out, Grandpa will count on you and Wen Fei.”
Before entering the hotel, Mr. Qiu deliberately held Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying together, and said with expectation.
From this it can also be seen how much the father paid this banquet.
Qiu Muying smiled: “Grandpa, I’m doing business, so don’t worry.”
“Today this matter must be done for you.”
Qiu Mucheng said vowedly, with a haughty smile on her lips.
Then, the group of four people walked towards the agreed place.
Hotel Lobby.
“Director Wang, why don’t you go to the private room?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“How to choose in the lobby?”
“The voices are noisy here, so the price drops.”
“Where’s the waiter, quickly open the best private room for Director Wang and his wife!”
After Qiu Guang and others walked in, they soon saw Wang Xingduo and his wife.
This Wang Xingduo is tall and thin, wears metal-framed glasses, and his hair is delicately arranged, and he has a gentle look.
Although the woman who accompanied Wang Xingduo to the banquet was not particularly outstanding, her fair complexion, thick eyebrows and big eyes were also extremely attractive. At this time, I saw Qiu Guang and others, smiled and greeted them, giving people a gentle and virtuous feeling.
At this time, Qiu Guang was calling the waiter and asked them to open a private room.
But Wang Xingduo reached out his hand to stop it.
“Mr. Qiu, don’t bother. This position is good.”
“The first time I dated Qingya, I was sitting here.” When Wang Xingduo said this, he looked at his wife aside, his eyes full of affection.
When Qiu Guang and others saw this, they immediately laughed: “That’s how it is, that’s how it is.”
“Haha~ Director Wang is really a good man.”
Qiu Guang and the others laughed suddenly, and then sat down here.
“Madam Wang, you are really blessed to find a good home. I look at it, and they are all envious.” Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei also sat down next to Wang Xingduo and his wife, with a smile on their faces and compliments. Talking.
“Huh? Mr. Qiu, who are these two?” Qiu Guang and Mr. Qiu had always been in contact with Wang Xingduo before. It was the first time I saw Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei, and I naturally felt uncomfortable.
“Director Wang, I am Qiu Muying, the general manager of the Qiu Group. This is my husband Chu Wenfei. You may not know my husband’s name, but you must know my father-in-law~” Qiu Muying soon Introduce yourself.
He introduced his husband Chu Wenfei emphatically, and even took out the name of Chu Wenfei’s father Chu Yang to establish a relationship with Wang Xingduo.
After Wang Xingduo understood, he was obviously surprised.
“It turned out to be the son of Chief Chu’s family.”
“Unexpectedly, all of them are married and established.”
“I and Mr. Chu can be regarded as an old friend. This son is engaged, but Mr. Chu didn’t tell me?”
“Wen Fei, don’t be angry with your uncle, I will make up for it when you get married.”
“Come on, Wen Fei, Yingying, I toast you with this glass of wine, it’s the uncle’s apologize.”
As the saying goes, acquaintances are easy to handle. After learning of this relationship, the tone of Wang Xingduo and Chu Wenfei and others are undoubtedly close in an instant.
Now he punishes himself for a cup, in order to apologize to Chu Wenfei for not going to join in the engagement.
Chu Wenfei drank this glass of wine with a guilty conscience, and had to laugh with it.
After all, when he was engaged to Qiu Muying, his parents opposed it, so none of his father’s relatives and friends came.
As for Wang Xingduo, he didn’t get any news, and it was really normal.
“Dad, it seems that the approval is stable!” While chatting with Wang Xingduo at Chu Wenfei’s side, Qiulei and Mr. Qiu on the side saw the two of them, and the stones in their hearts fell to the ground.
Feeling proud, I thought they didn’t expect the wrong person this time.

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Since when did Qui muying become Qui Mucheng ? Can’t the writer of this novel check for mistakes like this ? Even a child could do better !

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