A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 533

“Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, do you really think that if you leave the Qiu family and become your own boss, you can completely turn over?”
“Stop dreaming!”
“My husband is a waste, you are just a woman, what do you fight with me?”
“You Qiu Mucheng, you are destined to be stepped on by me forever!”
With the wheels galloping, the black Audi ripped open the sky and swept toward the distant Tianhe.
Inside the car, Qiu Mu’s eyes were full of coldness, and deep in her heart, she was full of arrogant smiles.
That arrogant and proud look was like a generation of queens who had gained the entire world.
When she was young, because of her outstanding beauty, it can be said that Qiu Mucheng was extremely favored in the Qiu family. Not only grandpa favored her, but even her uncle and aunt had various preferences for Qiu Mucheng.
Many times, when attending some banquets, Mr. Qiu did not bring anyone, not even his eldest grandson, only Qiu Mucheng alone.
It can be said that when she was a child, Qiu Mucheng grew up in a halo of glory. First URL m.
She is like a star, aloof. Many people in the Qiu family who were of the same age as Qiu Mucheng grew up with endless envy of her.
There is no doubt that Qiu Muying is naturally one of them.
However, no one wants to be a foil to others, and Qiu Muying is no exception.
As she grew up, Qiu Muying became more jealous of her cousin. Many years ago, Qiu Muying vowed to herself that one day she would step on Qiu Mucheng under her feet.
She is the only protagonist in the Qiu family!
Later, Qiu Muying undoubtedly did it.
As Qiu Mucheng’s family made a big mistake, Qiu Mucheng married Ye Fan, and her family fell out of favor completely.
Today, Qiu Muying relies on the strength of her husband’s family to control the most profitable projects of the Qiu family. It can be said that now besides Mr. Qiu, Qiu Muying is the most fond of the Qiu family.
After waiting for so many years, Qiu Muying finally stepped on Qiu Mucheng completely. Of course she would not tolerate Qiu Mucheng’s family turning over.
Therefore, in the Shanshui Guild Hall, after seeing Ye Fan and his wife drive out a rough stone worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Qiu Muying’s eyes were red at the time, and she urged Mr. Qiu to take the rough stone.
Even though the organs were exhausted, in the end, she was beaten up with the bamboo basket. Even she and Qiu Guang and others were beaten. But as long as the rough stone did not fall into the hands of Qiu Mucheng’s family, Qiu Muying would be happy to see this action.
At least, Ye Fan was still a pauper, and Qiu Mucheng’s family did not get 200 million worth of treasure. The family did not turn over.
This time, Qiu Muying’s approval of Mufan’s real estate was also for this purpose.
She wanted to set up Huang Qiu Mucheng’s company, she wanted to make Qiu Mucheng’s family unable to turn around forever, and she wanted to make Qiu Mucheng look up to her forever.
In their hearts, Qiu Muying and others have already arrived at the Millian Hotel.
Originally, at this banquet, Mr. Qiu and others planned to go to Haiyuan Pavilion.
The high grade there also shows that their 8f92b2e0 attaches great importance to Director Wang Xingduo.
However, Wang Xingduo said that he likes to eat the food here. Elder Qiu and others have no choice but to put the banquet here.

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