A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 54

“It’s all 160!”
“This check is accurate~”
Just when Wang Qiaoyu’s family was flirting with immortality, Chu Wenfei was sharp-eyed and saw a traffic police patrolling the intersection ahead. So he shouted anxiously, let Qiu Luo slow down quickly.
Ye Fan and the others had already returned home, but not long after they got home, Qiu Mucheng received a call from Qiu’s family.
“Four aunts were they arrested?”
“A family of four are locked up!”
“How can this happen? You didn’t drive around the lake not long ago?”
After Qiu Mucheng got the news, she was shocked and lost her voice.
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I just drove a million-dollar luxury car and forced it to go for a ride so arrogantly as if I had reached the pinnacle of my life. So when I turned around, I took a car and a family of four into the police station?
The contrast made Qiu Mucheng feel the disillusionment of the world.
Ye Fan on the side was watching TV. Hearing Qiu Mucheng’s words, an inexplicable smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Soon Qiu Mucheng hung up the phone, and Ye Fan asked what her uncle had said.
“I didn’t say anything, just said that my fourth uncle would call her and let me answer truthfully.”
“You said the uncle and the others did something again, why did they enter the police station again?”
Ye Fan comforted: “It’s okay. Go and rest, I’ll answer the call later.”
Soon, the phone rang, and Wang Qiaoyu’s sharp curse came from the opposite side after Ye Fan connected.
“Qiu Mucheng, you broom star, our whole family has been harmed by you.”
“A stolen broken car, do you dare to ask for it? Let us drive? You just murdered us with malicious intent!”
“Quickly, tell the police that the car is yours. We just borrowed it and drove it. Our family knows nothing and has nothing to do with a dime.”
“Did you hear me?”
Wang Qiaoyu said viciously.
However, Ye Fan looked confused: “Auntie Si, speak slowly, what car belongs to us. We don’t have a car at home. Mucheng takes the bus to and from get off work. Auntie, are you confused during menopause? Up?”
“Damn, Ye Fan, your special mother fart! Don’t pretend to be here, don’t you know that Phaeton car?” Hearing Ye Fan’s voice, Qiu Muying couldn’t help but face Ye. Where yelled.
“Oh, Phaeton, remember it.” Ye Fan said with a sudden enlightenment. “It’s the one that my fourth aunt said today. It’s millions. Your family got it without spending a dime. Niu Forced, the women won’t let their beards and eyebrows get a big deal? Congratulations.”
“Congratulations on your paralysis, Ye Fan, I warn you, the police are listening, don’t talk nonsense!” Qiu Muying scolded, and the family was almost mad.
“No nonsense, isn’t this car from your fourth sister? It’s envious that you are still driving in the family tonight.”
“Why, do you want to give this million-dollar luxury car to us? We can’t afford to sit on our status. Simei, tell my fourth uncle and four aunts. We understand their kindness, but this hundred Marriott, let’s leave your family for a drive, it’s so nice.”
On the sofa, Ye Fan leaned Erlang’s legs and said leisurely.
Listening to Ye Fan’s words, on the other side of the phone, Wang Qiaoyu’s family was almost mad.
“Ye Fan, you bastard, just another nonsense? I will tear your dog’s mouth apart!”
“We didn’t buy this car~”
Wang Qiaoyu’s mother and daughter were still roaring.
“Yes, yes, you didn’t buy it. You didn’t spend a dime, so how can you say that you bought it? You can only say that it was obtained.” Ye Fan’s description became darker and darker, looking at the policeman whose complexion grew stronger in front of him. Qiu Muying’s family was almost scared to pee.
They also wanted to yell at Ye Fan, but the police were already angry when they slapped the table.
“A car thief still wants to bully the honest person and make the family a scapegoat?”
“Your family is the moth of this harmonious society, you have to clean up!”
“Comrade police, we really didn’t steal the car? It’s wrong~” Qiu Luo’s tone was almost pleading, and the whole family trembled with fright.
“I still don’t admit it. Everyone has said that you can get a car for more than one million yuan without spending a dime. Isn’t it stolen or not?”
“Still this dead duck with a hard mouth?”
He could hear Ye Fan’s words clearly, and now he is almost half confident that the car was stolen by this family.
“Mr. Police, don’t listen to that bastard talking nonsense.”
“He’s just useless, he’s jealous of our family’s good life, and he just harmed us by talking nonsense.”
“This car belongs to his family. If you want to steal it, his family stolen it. It really has nothing to do with us.”
Wang Qiaoyu screamed.
And the Qiu Luo family on the side was almost crying. What’s this all about? A good drive, unexpectedly, the police station came. It’s all right now. A family of four was detained even with a car and entered the game twice in just a few days. It was embarrassing to be thrown at grandma’s house.
It’s spread out, how is he, the general manager, still messing around?
Moreover, tomorrow their family will accompany Chu Wenfei to the Yunjing Hotel to invite a banquet for the head of the Shen family. If Mr. Shen’s pigeons are released and Shen Jiuyi is angered, Qiu Luo will not even dare to think about the consequences.

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