A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 544

“Xiao Fan, the painting by Zhang Daqian that you bought from Babao Pavilion before will also be exhibited. After all, you bought it. I hope you can take this painting to the exhibition by then.”
“I believe that the display of this painting will definitely make a sensation in the calligraphy and painting circles in Yunzhou!”
“After all, in Yunzhou City, there has not been a master Zhang Daqian’s work for many years.”
“And your name, along with that painting, will leave a strong and colorful stroke in the history of my Yunzhou painting exhibition.”
Su Yuanshan was so enthusiastic that he invited Ye Fan kindly.
However, Ye Fan was not very interested. After all, he didn’t have much research on calligraphy and painting, and he could see that Zhang Daqian’s imitation was completely dependent on the magic of the Yundao Book.
Therefore, he refused to go back to the countryside to visit his mother tomorrow.
After hearing this, Su Yuanshan sighed regretfully: “Okay, since you don’t have time, then forget it. After all, it is important to visit your parents for Baishan’s filial piety first.”
“It just so happens. I won’t go to the art exhibition tomorrow. I will visit your mother with you, and at the same time, I will talk about your marriage with Cici…”
Hearing this, Ye Fan staggered, almost didn’t fall to the ground, and then hurriedly said: “Uh, that, Uncle Su, I suddenly remembered that my mother’s birthday is in the lunar calendar. I made a mistake, so I won’t go home tomorrow. The exhibition, when will it be held, where will it be, we will definitely go tomorrow, we must go~”
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After a long conversation, Ye Fan hung up the phone and let out a long sigh of relief.
Fortunately, the prevarication passed. Otherwise, if Su Yuanshan really wants to go with him to see his mother, would he really not know how to end it in the future?
It was a trivial matter that the lie was exposed. What Ye Fan was worried about was that Su Yuanshan would rely on him again and let himself marry his daughter. Ye Fan was afraid that he would have nowhere to cry.
Although Susie was in good condition, neither her appearance nor her figure, Susie’s temper and Ye Fan couldn’t stand it.
If you really marry such a wife, how will you suffer for the rest of your life?
“Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, look at the problems you have for Laozi~”
Ye Fan gave a bitter smile. After all, if it weren’t for Qiu Mucheng to accompany Su Qian to act in front of Su Yuanshan, Ye Fan wouldn’t be worried by Su Yuanshan now.
Ye Fan returned home soon.
However, when Ye Fan just opened the door to enter the room, who could have thought that a fragrant wind rushed over his face, and then a tender body like a jade rushed into Ye Fan’s arms, like an octopus. He hugged Ye Fan.
With the warm fragrant nephrite in his arms, Ye Fan could not only smell the attractive body scent on the neck of the woman in his arms, but also clearly felt the two deadly softness on the chest. Ye Fan was stiff at the time.
“Sister Qiu, quietly miss you~”
“I heard that after grandpa kicked you out of Qiu’s house, I came right away.”
“Grandpa is too much!”
“How can he be so cruel~”
In Ye Fan’s arms, the little girl’s angry and tender voice came.
The voice was beautiful, soft as her body.
However, before Ye Fan had time to speak, Qiu Mucheng’s shocked and surprised sound came from behind him.
Seeing Ye Fan and the two holding each other tightly, Qiu Mucheng was blinded.
“Huh? Sister Qiu, you?” At this time, Lu Wenjing raised her pretty face, and when she saw Qiu Mucheng in front of her, her big eyes blinked, obviously realizing something was wrong.
If the beautiful woman in front of me is my sister Qiu, then she is holding this…
“Cough cough cough~”
“That, little sister, shouldn’t it come off me!”
Ye Fan coughed a few times and smiled helplessly.
Immediately afterwards, a flush of redness flashed to the brows. Afterwards, a sharp cry of 23fc4e58 resounded through the sky.
“Bad, you rascal~”

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