A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 545

When Lu Wenjing realized that she was holding a big man at this time, her pretty face suddenly turned red, as if burning.
You know, when she grows up, apart from her parents, she has never had skin-to-skin touch with any opposite sex, let alone embrace so close as she is now.
“Asshole, rascal~”
Lu Wenjing’s eyes were red at the time, and she kept reprimanding Ye Fan.
Ye Fan was also helpless.
What did he do?
He didn’t even move.
You rushed to it yourself.
At this time, Lu Wenjing had already ran into Qiu Mucheng’s arms, seeking comfort.
Until this time, Ye Fanfang could carefully look at the girl who suddenly appeared in front of him.
I saw the girl in front of me, wearing a short black skirt, a small white shirt with a round neck and a small pink tie on her chest, plus those small black leather shoes on her feet. , A dress is like a beautiful girl from anime, and the Japanese style of dressing is even more sweet and pure. First URL m.
“Huh, bullying my sister, I will clean up you at night~”
Just when Ye Fan was wondering who the girl was before 27215b8d, Qiu Mucheng gave Ye Fan a cold stare, and then led Lu Wenjing in.
“younger sister?”
“Where is this sister again?”
Ye Fan was puzzled.
Why are there so many inexplicable relatives recently, and just sent away Han Hai and them, here’s another one?
“However, this little sister of Mucheng is a bit lolilike~”
Later, after Ye Fan asked, it turned out that Lu Wenjing was the daughter of Aunt Qiu Mucheng’s family.
Father Qiu was pregnant with five boys and one girl. Lu Wenjing’s mother was naturally Qiulei’s sister.
Qiu Mucheng loved her little cousin Lu Wenjing very much.
When Lu Wenjing was a child, she often came to the Qiu Family to stay temporarily. Although there were many older sisters in the Qiu Family at that time, Qiu Mucheng was undoubtedly the one who bothered Lu Wenjing the most.
Later, as they grew up, the two met fewer and fewer times, but the friendship they had when they were young has not diminished.
This is not today. As soon as Qiu Mucheng learned that her little cousin was here, she couldn’t take care of her work, so she asked for leave and rushed over.
Because the time is almost the same, this is why Lu Wenjing regards Ye Fan who opened the door as Qiu Mucheng.
“Sister Qiu, the gangster just now, isn’t it the son-in-law you married?”
“Oh my God~”
“My sister Qiu is so beautiful, why did she marry someone like this in the end?”
“Sister Qiu, I really feel sorry for you.”
In the room, Lu Wenjing chatted with Qiu Mucheng sisters.
Qiu Mucheng smiled faintly: “Quietly, in fact, your brother-in-law is a good person.”
“Okay, let’s not talk about it. You girl, don’t go to school well, what are you doing here?”
“You still buy so many things, you make money so well, you don’t know how to save.”
While she was speaking, Qiu Mucheng stretched out her finger and gently scratched the tip of Lu Wenjing’s nose.
Lu Wenjing suddenly pouted her mouth and said, “Sister Qiu, am I still worried about you?”
“I heard that you were kicked out of the house by grandpa, and grandpa also forbids any relatives to help you.”
“I was worried, so I came over.”
“Sister Qiu, are you doing well now?”
“Is there still rice at home?”
“Can you still have enough food?”
“My mother and them are also very worried about you. My uncle and my aunt are not making money. You married a husband who eats soft rice. The whole family depends on you. The Qiu family used to be able to help you, but now it all depends on you. You are supporting this house alone, Sister Qiu, you must be very tired?”

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