A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 548

“you come back!”
“I haven’t finished speaking yet?”
“Are you going to find a job and make money to support your family?”
“I’m so angry~”
Lu Wenjing shouted angrily, but Ye Fan walked away without looking back.
But Lu Wenjing felt more angry the more she thought about it.
Wasn’t Ye Fan out of work? Why did he go out in a hurry in broad daylight?
And he didn’t leave early or late, but he didn’t leave until his sister Qiu went to work.
Could it be that Ye Fan didn’t tell my sister Qiu to do some shameful things secretly?
“No, I have to help Sister Qiu stare at him!”
“I want to see, Ye Fan doesn’t go to work during the day, what is he doing outside?”
Soon after Ye Fan left, Lu Wenjing put on shoes and followed Ye Fan all the way.
Ye Fan walked all the way, and Lu Wenjing quietly followed behind.
And a few minutes before Lu Wenjing followed him, Ye Fan stopped and looked back.
Upon seeing this, Lu Wenjing quickly hid.
“This Nizi, are you still following me?”
“See when you can follow?” Ye Fan smiled slyly, pretending not to see, turned around and continued on the road.
“Huh~ Fortunately, I haven’t been found.” Lu Wenjing let out a long sigh of relief, and then continued to tiptoe up.
I thought Ye Fan was not far away, but then Lu Wenjing found out that he was wrong.
This Ye Fansheng walked for two hours from the east of Yunzhou to the west, almost exhausting Lu Wenjing.
“This guy, will you die if you take a bus?”
Lu Wenjing was speechless. If she had known that Ye Fan had walked so far, she wouldn’t have been able to follow her on foot if she had been killed, and her leg would be broken.
However, Lu Wenjing finally knew how poor Ye Fan was.
Reluctant to take the two yuan bus?
As expected from the country!
When Lu Wenjing was resting around the corner panting, Ye Fan didn’t blush, his heart beats, and he didn’t even sweat. He walked directly to the Yunzhou Art Museum in front of him like an okay person.
Ye Fan was used to it.
To him, walking is like exercising.
So if there is no emergency, Ye Fan would usually choose to walk, even if the destination is far away.
It’s just that the poor little loli Lu Wen is quiet. This little girl was born in a rich and honourable township. She was picked up and picked up at school. She had never traveled this far in her life. Naturally, his physical fitness was incomparable to Ye Fan, and he was almost unable to walk when he was tired.
However, what Ye Fan didn’t expect was that this little Nizi could still persist.
Before arriving at the art gallery, Ye Fan contacted Su Yuanshan.
“Uncle Su, I’m here, where are you?”
“Hahaha, Xiao Fan, be there right away, right away!” Su Yuanshan looked extremely pleased after receiving Ye Fan’s call, and after a few words, he immediately hung up.
A few minutes later, a beautiful and graceful figure came over.
“It’s weird, isn’t it at the door, how about my dad and others?”
This woman is a famous brand, but the platinum necklace between her neck makes her look more noble and charming. She carries the latest LV bag in her hand, as if she is dressed as a rich lady. I don’t know how many people have gotten to talk up along the way.
However, just before the woman looked around, the next moment she met Ye Fan’s gaze.
For a time, sparks are everywhere!
“Su Qian!” Ye Fan was startled.
Susie exploded immediately and exclaimed, “Ye Fan!”
“Why are you bastard here?”
“Damn, I’ve lost my life for eight years, I can meet you everywhere!”
“I see, you must have followed me here.”
“Say, what is your intention?”
“Did you fall in love with Miss Ben with a bad heart and want to pester me?”

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