A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 547

Early the next morning.
After Qiu Mucheng finished breakfast, she went to work at the company.
Now that the approval cannot be completed, she must think of other ways.
Otherwise, their company would have to be dragged to death if it was dragged so much!
And shortly after Qiu Mucheng left, Ye Fan was also ready to go out.
Today, I have agreed to participate in the Yunzhou Painting Exhibition. Since he agreed to Su Yuanshan, he naturally has to go.
However, who would have thought that Ye Fan was stopped by Qiu Mucheng’s little cousin just as he was about to leave.
“Your name is Ye Fan, right?”
“You are a big man, let your wife raise him, don’t you feel guilty?”
“Why don’t you go out and make money?”
“I really look down on you men who eat soft food!” Remember to read a book for one second
“In other people’s families, men are responsible for making money and supporting their families, and women are responsible for beauty. But what about you?”
“Don’t talk about raising the family, but you still eat my sister Qiu’s, drink my sister Qiu’s, and drag my sister Qiu’s hind legs!”
Looking at the door-to-door husband of his sister Qiu, Lu Wenjing said with a small waist in angrily.
That angry look is really cute.
Ye Fan listened and smiled while shining his shoes: “Little sister, have you watched too much idol drama?”
“Who told you that men are responsible for making money to support the family, and women are responsible for being beautiful?”
“My sisters on Weibo say so. They say that women are born to spoil, and it is men’s business to make money and raise a family. We women only need to dress beautifully every day and go out shopping with good sisters to enjoy life.” Lu Wen Jing said it for granted.
Ye Fan asked again, “Oh, really? What else did the sister on Weibo say?”
“They talk a lot. They also said that a competent husband not only has to make money to support the family, but also wash clothes and cook to take care of the housework. After all, a woman’s youth is very short, so how can she waste her time on things like that? The place is very harmful to women’s skin and it is easy to get old.”
“Furthermore, the sisters on Weibo also said that women suffer so much when they give birth. It is only natural for a child to follow the wife’s surname when a child is born. If a man disagrees, it means he does not love you and should be divorced.”
“Furthermore, those older sisters also said that if you want to find a husband in the future, you must have an annual salary of more than 500,000 yuan. Being poor is not qualified to have a wife.
“After marriage, we can’t interfere with our women’s lives, let alone stop us from hanging out with our male girlfriends. Making friends is our freedom, and you men have no right to interfere with our lives.”
Lu Wenjing kept talking, saying that in the end he even used this standard to evaluate Ye Fan.
“Look at you. None of you meets the conditions stated by my sister on Weibo.”
“If you can marry my sister Qiu, you have to say that you have lost eight years of shit luck!”
Lu Wenjing said angrily.
After Ye Fan listened, he shook his head and smiled.
I thought these online feminist bitches are really harmful. Even Qiu Mucheng’s little cousin was poisoned.
“Quietly, listen to what your brother-in-law said, don’t talk to your sister on Weibo anymore.”
“They are poisoning you.”
“Believe it or not, if things go on like this, you will be destined to be no one in the future.”
“Don’t look at them as the godfather of life on the Internet. In reality, they are probably just factory dogs working in electronics factories.”
“It’s just to fool you little girls who have not yet sound minds.”
Ye Fan gave a chuckle, and then stopped talking to Lu Wenjing, opened the door and left.

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