A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 551

“What are you two doing in a daze?”
“Do you still want to approve?”
“Hurry up and beat him!”
Wang Xingduo grinned in pain now, and after being supported by Qiu Muying and his wife, he roared in anger.
Since that stall broke out yesterday, Wang Xingduo has been very disagreeable with Qiu Muying and his wife.
After all, if it weren’t for idiots like Qiu Muying to send the hosta to his wife, they wouldn’t be taken into the police station for several hours by the police.
In the end, I asked my grandpa to tell my grandma to use a lot of relationships, and only then did I explain the misunderstanding clearly and was released.
If it weren’t for today’s painting exhibition and Qiu Muying and his wife, Wang Xingduo would definitely have to tear his face with them yesterday.
But now, after all, Wang Xingduo still needs Qiu Muying’s painting, so he can save a bit of face to each other.
Qiu Muying and the others also knew they were ashamed, so in order to make up for their mistakes yesterday, Qiu Muying and his wife came here personally.
It’s just that they didn’t expect that they would encounter Ye Fan here today. First URL m.
In the face of Wang Xingduo’s anger, Qiu Muying and the others dare to really start with Ye Fan.
214cd0c8 “Director, this guy is a hillbilly. He has been doing farm work on the ground since he was a child and he is very strong.”
“Our hero does not suffer from immediate losses. Today’s enmity will be repaid in the future. We are not in a hurry.” Qiu Muying whispered.
“Huh? Hillbilly? You know him?” Wang Xingduo frowned when he heard this and looked at Qiu Muying.
Then Qiu Muying told Wang Xingduo the relationship between Ye Fan and Qiu Family and Qiu Mucheng.
“Director, there are no good people in this family. Maybe Ye Fan hit you, it’s Qiu Mucheng who has a grudge against you for breaking their company’s approval and instructed him to do it on you?”
“It’s so vicious!” Qiu Muying said coldly.
Wang Xingduo also became more and more angry when he listened. Finally, he looked at Ye Fan and cursed fiercely: “A poor man in the country dare to beat me?”
“You wait, you will look good in the future!”
“There is also the approval of Mufan’s real estate, don’t you dream. Even next year, I won’t give you approval. I just let a dog pass, and I won’t let you pass it~”
Wang Xingduo said coldly, with a wanton smile on his face.
It looks like you are trying to make you unhappy
Ye Fan didn’t pay any attention and barked as a dog.
He bent down and gently helped Lu Wenjing up: “Jingjing, are you okay?”
Lu Wenjing’s eyes were full of tears, but he shook his head to signal that he was okay.
At this time, Wang Xingduo tidyed up his clothes, and took the painting to the art gallery.
But when I passed by Ye Fan, he still cursed angrily: “Don’t you get out? It’s in my way!”
“Are you looking for death?” Ye Fan’s face immediately turned cold. No matter how good his temper is, it is not the reason why he can push his nose and face!
However, just when Ye Fan was about to teach him another lesson, a small hand grabbed him: “Brother Ye Fan, don’t~”
Although Lu Wenjing is young, she also knows that some people can’t afford it.
The person in front of him, at first glance, was a person of low status. Of course, Lu Wenjing didn’t want Ye Fan to cause misfortune because of her.
Finally, Wang Xingduo and the three of them went into the art gallery.
Before leaving, Qiu Muying gave Ye Fan a smirking look.
“Trash is trash, you dare to offend anyone?”
“Director Wang is the leader of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. You offended him? You just wait to see your wife’s company go bankrupt, right?”
Qiu Muying smiled coldly, and soon disappeared from sight.
Ye Fan’s face was condensed, and among his gloomy eyebrows, no one knew what he was thinking.

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