A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 552

Art gallery.
The entire venue occupies a large area, and the surrounding art lovers are all art lovers who come to watch the exhibition. The exhibition stands also have exquisite paintings that are rarely seen on weekdays.
Ye Fan, Lu Wenjing, and Su Qian were strolling inside.
“Brother Ye Fan, I’m sorry, I misunderstood you just now.”
“I thought…”
At this time, Lu Wenjing’s small face was drooping, and she apologized to Ye Fan in a low voice, her tender and lovely face full of apologize.
Obviously, Ye Fan and Susie both explained the misunderstanding to her.
And Lu Wenjing, after the turmoil just now, undoubtedly changed a lot about Ye Fan.
At least, Lu Wenjing felt that Ye Fan in front of him was not as wretched as his mother’s eyes.
Especially the kick that Ye Fan kicked Wang Xingduo just now made Lu Wenjing extremely impressed, she was so handsome.
“Brother Ye Fan, you were really awe-inspiring just now~” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Speaking of the previous scene, Lu Wenjing said excitedly.
Susie on the side snorted: “The prestige is also the prestige.”
“That’s a person from the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Ye Fan, you’re like, I’m afraid how much trouble you have to bring to Mucheng, do you know you?”
“I see how Mucheng will explain to you when you go back!”
Susie still had a cold and disgusting attitude towards Ye Fan.
If her father hadn’t lied to her today, she would never go to an art exhibition with such a person, and would feel ashamed to walk together.
After Susie finished speaking, she ignored Ye Fan and planned to find a place to sit for a while.
“Yang Qian, why are you here?”
However, just as Susie looked around, she saw an acquaintance in the rest area in front.
“Cici, what a coincidence~”
As if hearing the call, a woman in front also saw Susie and quickly got up and walked over. The exquisite high-heeled shoes hit the ground, the chiffon dress swayed in the wind, and the air immediately filled with the smell of high-end perfume.
Obviously, Yang Qian deliberately dressed up for today’s exhibition.
“Who is this?”
Susie noticed at this moment that there was a handsome man next to Yang Qian, in a white suit and elegant temperament, and she knew at a glance that he was not an ordinary person.
“Oh, I forgot to introduce it. This is my friend, Luo Feng. Today this exhibition is held by Luo Feng’s father Luo Dahai.”
“What? Teacher Dahai? That’s the most famous calligraphy and painting master in Yunzhou? A calligraphy and painting can sell for millions of Luo Dahai?” Susie was shocked at the introduction of Yang Qian.
She did not expect that she would meet the son of Teacher Dahai here. You know, the person Susie’s father Su Yuanshan admires most in Yunzhou is Na Dahai, a contemporary calligrapher, who is a rich man?
However, surprised, Su Qian looked at the appearance of Yang Qian and Luo Feng, and suddenly smiled: “Qianqian, should you not fall in love with Master Luo again?”
Yang Qian’s pretty face blushed immediately: “Cici, don’t talk nonsense, I have only met Afeng for a few days.”
“Tsk tusk tusk~ This Afeng has yelled, don’t you admit it?” Susie continued to tease her good friend.
On the side, Luo Feng said chicly: “Qianqian hasn’t promised me yet. I’m currently in the pursuit stage, so it can’t be regarded as falling in love, but only unrequited love.”
“Haha, Master Luo, don’t worry, my girlfriend is just shy. I can see that she actually likes you already, but I’m afraid you won’t cherish her anymore, so I didn’t agree. This chase Girl, you have to be patient.” Susie matched the two, causing Yang Qian’s face to flush.
“Huh? Does Miss Su also have friends? Or is she going out to play with her boyfriend?” Luo Feng noticed Ye Fan behind Su Qian at this time, and asked with a smile.
While Luo Feng spoke, Yang Qian followed her gaze, but the next moment, Yang Qian felt confused and her pupils shrank.
“Chu…Mr. Chu?”

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