A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 557

“Old head Li, congratulations~”
“Accepted a baby!”
“When we go to watch in the future, you can’t help but let us go.”
“We haven’t seen enough yet?”
“You old thing, Xianyu turned over. The money I lost a few years ago, this calligraphy work, I am afraid I will earn it back for you.” The people around him congratulated and complimented.
After all, Yunzhou is so big and the circle of calligraphy and painting is small. So most of the people in this circle know each other.
Now that the collection of this old head of Lee has won an award, everyone is naturally envious and congratulated.
And on the high platform, the old head Li was also in the limelight. He smiled and couldn’t help but say thank you everyone.
One of the people in this circle is for profit, and the other is the title of the picture.
If it is like Old Li’s head with a handy collection, it is undoubtedly a very face-conscious thing.
Almost everyone in the circle will curry favor with you. They will look after you in the future, and everyone will look down upon you. First URL m.
That’s why Wang Xingduo would rather borrow Qiu Muying’s calligraphy and painting than come to this exhibition.
However, just as the staff of this exhibition was preparing to award the old man an award, there was a cold laughter from below.
“Are you a treasure of Liang Shizheng’s calligraphy and painting?”
“When did the painting and calligraphy circles in Yunzhou become so unbearable?”
“Thousands of things can get the annual collection gold award?”
The laughter, with unabashed contempt and disdain, quietly sounded here.
Afterwards, everyone saw that Wang Xingduo was holding his hands, standing under the stage, smiling coldly.
“Wang Xingduo, is it you?”
“I said, Lao Wang. If others look down on these ten million calligraphy and paintings, what right do you have to look down on others?”
“You have come to the exhibition every year for so many years. What is the result? Do you have a decent collection?”
“Don’t say ten million, do you have a million worth of calligraphy and painting?”
“I’m afraid there is no one hundred thousand, right?”
At first, everyone was surprised when they heard this, but when they saw that it was Wang Xingduo, everyone laughed as if it were a joke.
This Wang Xingduo is also known to most of the calligraphy and painting circles in Yunzhou.
This guy is a weird thing. He has no money in his hand, and he doesn’t have much at home to take out the calligraphy and painting. Say that this painting is not good, that painting is not good, despise this, despise that.
Even more so now, even tens of millions of magic works are not taken into account.
This kind of weirdness, everyone is not surprised, it is all a joke.
On the high platform, the old head Li saw Wang Xingduo and sneered: “Lao Wang, don’t talk big here. If you look down on my calligraphy, you have the ability to come up with a more precious calligraphy and painting.”
“If you can’t get it out, then shut up!”
“I am a poor civil servant. I don’t have any precious paintings, and I have the face to laugh at me?”
Old Head Li snorted coldly, but he was rude, and directly angered Wang Xingduo.
Wang Xingduo smiled at the time: “It seems that you are very confident.”
“In that case, Old Head Li, do you think Tang Bohu’s calligraphy and painting are comparable to the Qing Dynasty calligraphy works in your hand?”

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