A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 558

“Tang Bohu?”
“You…you mean, one of the four great talents in Jiangnan, Tang Yin…Tang Bohu?”
Wang Xingduo’s words caused the audience to tremble.
For a while, everyone present lost their voices and looked at Wang Xingduo in amazement.
“Difficult…did you find Tang Yin’s work?”
“Tang Yin calligraphy and painting, they are rare treasures.”
“The collectors are rushing to ask for it.”
“It appeared at the auction that time, didn’t it cost hundreds of millions of dollars?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Can you have his work?”
“Is it troublesome?”
After the tremor, everyone didn’t believe it at all and shook their heads.
However, Wang Xingduo did his part and walked directly onto the stage. The picture in his hand suddenly unfolded.
Amidst everyone’s horror, a pair of Tang Bohu’s “Songxi Visiting Yin Picture” leaped like everyone’s eyes.
“This…this…is this true?”
After a long silence, everyone looked at the “Songxi Interview with Yin” in front of them, but they were still a little suspicious and unbelieving.
After all, most of the people present were just a few rich people in small towns. Why didn’t they have the chance to see one of Tang Bohu’s works which are not rare treasures.
Now Wang Xingduo took out a painting and said it was Tang Bohu’s work. They really couldn’t see it, and they didn’t know whether it was true or false.
And Wang Xingduo, standing on a high platform, but with a mature bamboo in his chest, proudly said: “This painting is the “Songxi Visiting the Hidden Picture”. It is the masterpiece of the master Tang Bohu.
“I believe everyone will remember that this painting appeared in the Yunzhou auction last year and was bought by the Shen family, the owner of the Shen family, for a high price of 80 million.”
“Later, this painting was given to me by the head of the Shen family as a good friend, Chu Wenfei. If you don’t believe me, there are photos to prove it!”
While Wang Xingduo spoke, Qiu Muying also took her mobile phone to the high platform.
Even, afraid that everyone would not be able to see it clearly, Qiu Muying also asked the staff to project the photo with multimedia and directly zoomed in on the electronic screen.
“It’s Patriarch Shen~”
“Really sent it?”
“So, this painting is really Tang Bohu?”
At this moment, the audience was in an uproar looking at the picture sent by Shen Jiuyi on the LCD screen.
Deeply being the owner of the Shen family
Shen Jiuyi’s heroism was overwhelmed.
Tens of millions of rare treasures will be loose when they are given away.
Seeing everyone’s reaction, Wang Xingduo smiled even more, and continued: “Now, everyone should believe this painting is true?”
“In addition, Chu Wenfei and I are friends who have forgotten the year, and we are in love with each other. In the future, this painting will be kept in the permanent collection of my Wang Xingduo’s house. If you want to see it, please come to my house to observe it.”
Wang Xingduo held calligraphy and painting, spoke proudly, and continued to pretend to be forced.
Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei in the audience turned green on the spot.
This Gou Ri Wang Xingduo, nonsense!
When did they agree to keep the painting in his permanent collection?
However, there are opinions, it is not easy to say now, Qiu Muying and his wife can only hold back. Wait until the exhibition is over.
Now let Wang Xingduo finish this installation first.
Sure enough, as Wang Xingduo’s words fell, for a while, the audience was full of compliments.
Even the old head of Li, who was ashamed, apologized to Wang Xingduo.
“Pharaoh, the old acquaintance of these years, the unpleasant before, don’t mind.
“It’s our dog who looks at people and makes a joke.”
“But Pharaoh, you are amazing~”
“Have such an iron friend!”
“I have to keep the door tonight, I have to observe this rare treasure!”
Countless people changed their normals and congratulated Wang Xingduo with thousands of people, almost all of them expressing their desire to visit home in person, even with money.
“Don’t worry, everyone, I can’t hide this rare treasure from everyone.”
“It’s a long time coming to Japan, everyone line up, watch slowly one by one~”
Wang Xingduo was so happy at this time. Since he entered this circle, he has never seen such a beautiful scenery as he is today, and he looks like he has reached the peak of his life.
“Yingying, it seems that your grandfather’s approval is stable!” When Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying saw this, they were relieved. The things that the old man Qiu gave them to do, finally did not mess up.
As for the painting, I will ask Wang Xingduo for it later. Does he dare to take it by force?
“It’s just a fake painting, so I am ashamed to show it off?”
“Fortunately, there are no connoisseurs who know the goods. Otherwise, you can’t be laughed out of?”
However, just when Wang Xingduo was proud of the spring breeze, a faint laughter came quietly from the crowd.

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