A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 562

At this time, Luo Feng ran in with a group of security guards outside the hall.
“Dad, sorry, I was delayed just now.”
“I heard that this hillbilly is making trouble here, don’t worry, I will get rid of this short-eyed thing!” After receiving a report from his subordinates, Luo Feng knew that Ye Fan was making trouble, so he rushed in. With the order, people must beat Ye Fan and throw it out.
Because of Yang Qian, Luo Feng had a grudge against Ye Fan just now. Now Ye Fan has fallen into his hands without knowing how to live, so of course he has to take the opportunity to teach this country boy!
Luo Feng wanted to let him know, what the end of Luo Feng’s fight for women!
However, as soon as Luo Feng finished speaking, he only heard a bang, and Luo Dahai slapped it directly.
That slap almost slapped Luo Feng.
At that time Luo Feng was almost crying!
The eyes are flushed than blush.
“Dad, are you hitting me?”
“I’m the one who beat you!” Luo Dahai scolded with a black face. Remember to read in one second
“Bastard stuff!”
“Ye Shigong, do you dare to insult? Tell the security guard to rush out?”
“You are so brave!”
“Hurry up and apologize to Ye Shigong?”
Listening to Luo Dahai’s angry voice, Luo Feng was completely sluggish.
He stared at the thin young man in front of him in a daze.
Isn’t this Ye Fan poor from the countryside?
Isn’t Susie’s squandering her son-in-law?
This… how did this become what his father said, Master Ye?
Luo Feng Leng stayed on the spot, just thinking that his brain was not enough.
At this time, Luo Dahai looked at Wang Xingduo on the side again.
“You just accused Master Ye, right?”
“A modern copy of a fake painting, is a fool like you a treasure?”
“Ye Shigong pointed out that it was for your good. The province was deceived.”
“But you idiot, you still beat Master Ye on the wrong side?”
“You, a foolish fool like you, are too embarrassed to mix in the painting and calligraphy circles?”
“Luo Dahai, on behalf of the Yunzhou Calligraphy and Painting Association, hereby announce that in the city’s calligraphy and painting circles, you are banned as an idiot!”
“In the future, you will not be allowed to enter any exhibitions held by our Painting and Calligraphy Association!”
“Get out of here!!!!”
Luo Dahai was condescending, shouting angrily at Wang Xingduo and others.
When the others heard it, they were suddenly upset.
“I went, it turned out to be a fake painting!”
“Teacher Luo Dahai is a good disciple of President Gu, what he said is definitely correct.”
“This Wang Xingduo is really a bastard. He fooled us with a fake painting and said it was a treasure of Tang Bohu?”
“We were all tricked by him and almost offended Mr. Ye for it!”
“What a bastard!”
“Don’t you go away?”
“I’ll see you hit you once~”
“There are also those two dog men and women, who are not good people to be a tiger!”
“Shen Patriarch also gave it to you?”
“Send your sister!”
“Who is Patriarch Shen? What are you guys, Patriarch Shen will give it to you when he is blind?”
“A bunch of idiots, don’t bring your fake paintings, get out!”
For a moment, the scene suddenly turned over.
The whole house scolded Wang Xingduo and the others angrily, and even kicked Wang Xingduo’s ass with a violent temper, and directly kicked Wang Xingduo to eat shit.
But Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei ran away when they saw the situation was not good. The painting was gone, and I ran away without looking back.
As for Wang Xingduo, neither of these couples.
After all, they can’t protect themselves from Nipusa crossing the river, how can they take care of Wang Xingduo?
However, after the couple left the art gallery, they did not return to the Qiu family for business, but ran back to their home with their tails in between.
Things were messed up, of course they dare not go back to see Old Man Qiu.
The old house of the autumn family.
At this time, Father Qiu and everyone in the Qiu family were waiting patiently.
Today Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei accompany Wang Xingduo to participate in the exhibition. The entire Qiu family knows.
After all, this matters whether the Qiu Shui Real Estate can be managed, and the Qiu family are naturally particularly concerned.
What’s more, Wang Xingduo was a little unhappy about the hostess yesterday.
Therefore, today’s painting exhibition is undoubtedly very important!
“Master, don’t worry. Wen Fei is working with Yingying, don’t worry! With Yingying’s wrist, Yingying will definitely make Director Wang happy at the exhibition today.”
“As for what happened yesterday, it was a misunderstanding. Now that the misunderstanding is resolved, I believe Director Wang will not take it to heart.”
“Furthermore, Wang Xingduo still knows Wen Fei, and acquaintances are easy to handle. You can just wait. It is estimated that after a while, Director Wang will call and tell us that the approval is completed.”
“You just wait for the celebration banquet?”
In the hall, the Qiu family laughed with joy.
Father Qiu also nodded. Grinning: “That’s what I said, there is nothing to worry about. I don’t believe that tens of millions of things have been taken out. Then Director Wang will not be moved by our sincerity?”
Suddenly, Qiu Guang’s cell phone rang.
Qiu Guang looked down and was overjoyed: “Haha, old man, if you say Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here!”
“Director Wang is calling.”
“This time, it seems that Yingying and the others have really gotten things done!”
Hearing Qiu Guang’s words, the whole hall was immediately overjoyed.
“Okay, when Yingying comes back, I must reward them heavily!”
Father Qiu said with joy, and finally stood up with excitement, and said to Qiuguang: “Quickly, get the phone, I’ll answer it!”

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