A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 563

Father Qiu obviously took this matter very seriously. After seeing the call from Wang Xingduo, he grabbed the phone from Qiu Guang and answered the call.
“Director Wang, this is Qiu Zhenglun.”
“Are you happy visiting the exhibition today?”
“My granddaughter Mu Ying took a lot of thought to accompany you to this exhibition today.”
The old man Qiu smiled, and finally asked directly: “So, look at the approval of our Qiushui Real Estate…”
“Look at your grandma’s size!” Before the old man Qiu finished speaking, Wang Xingduo shouted angrily, like a slap directly on Qiu Zhenglun’s old face.
The old man Qiu buzzed at that time and his mind was stunned!
“Qiu Zhenglun, I really fucked your Qiu family’s eighth generation ancestors!”
“I, Wang Xingduo, did not offend you?”
“But you guys, the hosta was stolen, and invited me to dinner and invited me to the police station.”
“Now, even that painting is fake! It makes me faceless, makes me make a fool of myself, and makes me banned by the Yunzhou art world!” First URL m.
“I’ve really lost my life for eight years and met your Qiu family idiots!”
“76bc843d is still approving? Review Nima!”
“Stop dreaming!”
“Then approval, I just give a dog, and I won’t give you the Qiu family.”
“You old thing, half of your body in the soil, still engaged in real estate? You are paralyzed!”
“Wait for you~”
On the other side of the phone, Wang Xingduo cursed angrily, his face was blue and red and swollen. Those who were kicked by the art gallery.
In today’s painting exhibition, Wang Xingduo was embarrassed. Not only was he kicked out, he was beaten and kicked.
At this time, his full of resentment, undoubtedly all vented to the Qiu family.
The hosta was stolen, the painting was fake, and the head of the Shen family sent the painting himself, dare to love Qiu Muying and the others for blowing themselves so hard before. Is it farting?
The Qiu family kept cheating him again and again. Who can bear this matter?
Wang Xingduo is now so angry that he can’t wait to rush into the Qiu’s house with a knife and kill the bastards!
The phone has been hung up.
Old man Qiu stayed where he was, holding his mobile phone, just like that in the hall, his old face pale as paper.
“Master, how is it?”
“Has the approval passed?”
“Let me just say, what kind of person is my daughter Yingying? When she came out, there was nothing wrong with it.”
After Mr. Qiu hung up the phone, Wang Qiaoyu walked out immediately, and said to Mr. Qiu with a smile asking for credit.
When talking about her daughter Yingying, she was even more contented, smiling so much that she almost made honey.
“Master, why don’t you speak?”
“You must be so excited that you can’t speak, right?”
“Master, don’t get excited. In the future, your granddaughter Yingying will make you happy more? But if you want to reward my daughter, you only need to reward the incense burner to Yingying.”
Wang Qiaoyu laughed, but he was already asking for a reward for his daughter.
“You still have a face to be rewarded!”
“It would be nice if I didn’t kick your girls to death!”
At that time, the old man couldn’t help it anymore, and slapped the past.
With a snap, it stuck directly on Wang Qiaoyu’s old face!
“Qiu Shui Real Estate, I have planned for decades, and now everything is ready, I just missed it. Now, it’s all messed up by you!”

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