A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 564

“Things that have more success than failure, I Qiu Zhenglun, why do you believe in your idiots?”
“Now, immediately call Qiu Muying’s rebellious girl!”
“Let him roll over for me!”
Old man Qiu screamed like thunder, shaking the entire Qiu family hall.
Everyone was panicked, no one commented.
Wang Qiaoyu buried her face on the ground, afraid to say a word.
Ye Fan naturally didn’t know what happened in the autumn.
At this time, Ye Fan had already been sent off by Luo Dahai and others and left the art gallery. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
However, recalling the previous scene, Susie and others still feel incredible!
Especially Lu Wenjing, the gaze that looked at Ye Fan was completely different.
“Brother Ye Fan, you are so amazing.”
“Do you still appreciate calligraphy and painting?”
“Before, I heard my mother say that you are just an incompetent door-to-door son-in-law, and Sister Qiu was humiliated.
“But after today, Brother Ye Fan, I found that you were really like what Sister Qiu said, not so unbearable?” Lu Wenjing blinked his big bright eyes and said to Ye Fan in awe.
Ye Fan smiled bitterly, he didn’t know whether Lu Wenjing was complimenting him or hurting him.
After all, what Lu Wenjing said just now is really not a compliment.
Susie also asked from the side at this time: “Ye Fan, how do you know that the painting is fake? Didn’t you say that you don’t know anything about painting and calligraphy? Did you lie to us last time?”
Ye Fan smiled and shook his head: “Didn’t I just explain it, the painting is really in my hands, and the painting is naturally fake.”
“Okay, you will die if you don’t brag, right?” The good feelings for Ye Fan accumulated because of this incident, but after hearing Ye Fan’s words, of course there was no existence in an instant.
Who is Shen Jiuyi?
The head of the Shen group, the head of the Shen family!
This kind of person, the mayor of Yunzhou must be regarded as a guest of honor?
And what about Ye Fan?
Born from a poor background, he wanted status and no status, money but no money, and was stigmatized as a son-in-law.
It’s a totally different identity.
“Is Patriarch Shen sick?”
“Tens of millions of paintings for you?”
“Big talk must be believed!”
Susie gave Ye Fan a blank look, but said angrily.
However, no one noticed that when Susie said this, Yang Qian, who had been following them, was sneered.
“Cici, Cici, you don’t even know, what kind of big person is standing in front of your eyes at this time?”
“But I’m sorry, I will never tell you for fear of you stealing a man from me.”
Thinking of this, Yang Qian is full of contentment and joy.
Susie naturally didn’t know what her girlfriend was thinking.
Now that the painting exhibition has ended, Su Yuanshan has also completed the task given to her by Su Yuan. She didn’t need to follow Ye Fan anymore, so as soon as she left the art gallery, Susie took Yang Qian to leave.
But Yang Qian insisted on waiting for Ye Fan to get on the bus before leaving.
“Qianqian, what’s the matter with you?”
“Didn’t you really like Ye Fan?”
“You can figure it out clearly, he is not the second generation of rich, and the second is not the second generation of officials. He wants money but no money, but has no power. Maybe he knows some paintings and calligraphy, but he can’t be a meal. Well, so what do you think about him?” After Ye Fan left, Su Qian asked Yang Qian very puzzled.
Of course Yang Qian wouldn’t tell the truth to Susie. After thinking about it for a while, she immediately said, “Cici, you misunderstood. Ye Fan is a poor dick in the country, why would I like him?”
“I was just acting on occasion, deliberately showing it to Luo Feng.”
“This man, the less he can get, the better he feels and the more he wants to get it!”
“I can get close to Ye Fan’s dick now, what does Luo Feng think?”
“He will definitely feel that he is about to lose. He will pursue me more vigorously in the future, and treat me more fiercely. Buy me an Apple phone and buy me tens of thousands of bags~”

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