A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 571

Han Dongmin was really furious, his old face was green.
This rebellious son, can’t help, don’t say, still making trouble here.
“Boy in his early twenties, still a master? What is this!”
Han Dongmin didn’t pay attention to Ye Fan and the others. Han Dongmin couldn’t understand his son. What kind of expert can he know of such an unlearned bastard?
“Mayor Han, why get angry?”
“Ling son is also a filial piety.”
“It’s just being deceived by others and used by liars.” At this time, the speaker was a bald man.
Shaking his head and laughing lightly, he persuaded Han Dongmin.
Han Dongmin’s assistant, Xiao Liu, also took the opportunity to help Han Shaojie say a few good things: “Yes, Han Shi. Shaojie is also out of good intentions, so don’t be angry. Let’s deal with business first.”
Under the comfort of everyone, Han Dongmin’s anger was also dissipated a little, a pair of cold eyes still glared at Han Shaojie, as if he would go home at night and then pack you.
Afterwards, Han Dongmin also sat back in his seat and continued to be busy with business. He didn’t talk to Ye Fan and the others at all, and directly dried them there, without even letting them sit. But let them hang them aside. Remember to read in one second
Had it not been for proper work to be done, Han Dongmin would have expelled these Maotou children long ago.
But in front of so many people, there is no need to make things too loud. Han Dongmin secretly estimated that if they left them alone for a while, if they felt ashamed, they would voluntarily leave.
Han Shaojie, who was scolded and scolded for a while, only felt that his heart was poured down by a basin of cold water, and he no longer had the joy of when he called for credit before. He stood there with his head drooped and said nothing, like a frosted eggplant.
In front of Han Dongmin’s majesty, Han Shaojie was too scared to say a word.
On the contrary, the little loli Lu Wenjing behind her felt angry, just for Ye Fanming’s injustice: “Brother Ye Fan, this person is too much, you help them, he doesn’t know whether to thank them or not, but instead pays back…”
“Sister-in-law, be careful~”
Lu Wenjing hadn’t finished speaking, but Shen Fei’s face paled in fright, and he hushed quickly to tell Lu Wenjing not to talk nonsense.
If Han Dongmin is angered again, they are afraid that they will be kicked out!
As for Ye Fan, his expression was calm from beginning to end, as if he was standing outside, standing there, watching quietly.
“Zhou, these are the best rough stones in your hands?”
“Don’t hide it.”
Han Dongmin took a sip of tea, then looked at the bald man in front and asked slowly.
Zhou Sheng smiled and replied: “Look at what Han Shi said, I certainly selected the goods for you.”
“The eight rough stones in front of me are some of the best materials in our company!”
“Look at this rough stone. It’s covered with pythons, and it’s uneven, just like a python winding around the rough stone.”
“If there is a python, there will be green!”
“I dare not say that this stone is 100% green, but at least I can be 90% sure that it is green.”
“Just yesterday, someone in Jingzhou paid 50 million to buy this stone, but I didn’t sell it. I kept it exclusively for Han City.”
“After all, although I am currently living in Jingzhou, Zhou Sheng, my father’s hometown belongs to Yunzhou. Yunzhou counts me as half of Zhou Sheng’s hometown. Now Yunzhou needs rough stones, of course I have to give it to Yunzhou. If you keep it, it’s considered a contribution to your hometown.”
Zhou Sheng smiled, like Han Dongmin, introducing the production areas and shapes of the eight rough stones in front of him.
Every piece is almost exaggerated.
That kind of feeling, it’s as if the eight rough stones in front of you can produce jade.

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