A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 572

And Han Dongmin just listened quietly and didn’t say anything.
After all, although Han Dongmin didn’t have much research on this thing, he had suffered a lot from buying rough stones in the past few times. He knew that the words of this kind of rough stone merchants could not be fully believed and could only be used as a reference.
Now the city has only half the funds left to buy him jadeite. Before because of insufficient funds, he took the risk and did not choose to buy the good jade directly, but bought the rough stone with a small choice, and then opened the stone to open the jade.
Han Dongmin originally thought that with his energy, it would not be easy to find a few more respectable and respected stone-watchers in Yunzhou City to produce high-quality jade.
Maybe, the funds provided by the city are not only enough, but he can still have a lot of money left?
If this matter is done, it will be a merit of promotion in the future!
However, Han Dongmin still underestimated the risk of betting on rocks.
As a result, almost all of the previous half of the funds were paid for tuition, and there were not a few good jadeites.
Now he has only 200 million of funds left in his hands. If these two billions can’t produce some excellent jade, he will not be able to complete the task given to him in the city. If he is tracked down, he will be asked about his sin .
You know, the one that asked him to buy was jade.
He took the money and went to bet on rock by speculation. First URL m.
This is private embezzlement of huge public funds.
At that time, once things are revealed, the suspension will be lighter, and the rest of his life may even be spent in prison.
Therefore, this time, Han Dongmin was extremely cautious and careful.
I found four rough stone suppliers in a row and asked them to bring the best stones.
Even, he specially invited the “Stone King” Wei Fu’s high disciple from Jingzhou, Master Liu Chuanzhiliu to grow eyes.
Han Dongmin didn’t believe it anymore. This time, could he still not produce precious jade?
After Zhou Sheng introduced the rough stones he brought, the other three rough stone suppliers also took out the stones they brought, and introduced the condition of each stone to Han Dongmin one after another.
For a time, dozens of rough stones were placed in front of Han Dongmin.
After listening to the story, Han Dongmin nodded and did not comment.
Instead, he turned to look at Liu Chuanzhi, who kept his eyebrows slightly closed behind him, and said respectfully: “Master Liu, I am not talented, Han Dongmin, and I can’t see anything. I can only rely on Master Liu for the rest.”
Hearing this, Liu Chuanzhi’s eyes, which had been closed, only slowly opened. In the end, it was just an old-fashioned hum.
Then, accompanied by Han Dongmin, Liu Chuanzhi touched and looked at the dozens of stones in front of him, shaking his head for a while, nodding for a while, and occasionally shone the lamp.
“Master Liu, how?”
“Is there a good stone in this?” Han Dongmin immediately looked over after seeing Liu Chuanzhi, and the rest of the eyes fell on Liu Chuanzhi.
After a long silence, Liu Chuanzhi shook his head just now: “Present, a total of 28 rough stones.”
“No one can see me!”
Hearing Liu Chuanzhi’s words, everyone present was shocked.
Han Dongmin was even more stunned: “Master Liu meant that so many rough stones are all waste stones?”

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