A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 573

“Master Liu, this thing can be eaten, but you can’t talk nonsense!”
“That is, our company’s stone, that is notoriously good.”
“Even if there are a few waste rocks, how can 25019152 be waste rocks?”
“Master Liu, you must be wrong!”
“It must be~”
For a while, not only Han Dongmin was surprised, but even Zhou Sheng and other rough stone suppliers stood up and said eagerly to Liu Chuanzhi.
However, Liu Chuanzhi just smiled about this: “I only said that no stone can enter my eyes. But I did not say that it is all waste rocks.”
“Well, what does Master Liu mean?” Zhou Sheng and others continued to ask. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ignoring the rough stone suppliers, Liu Chuanzhi looked at Han Dongmin and said in a deep voice: “Hanshi, these 28 stones are of good quality. Some of them may also produce ice-like jade. Glass jadeite is not impossible.”
“But it’s a pity that the glass type of jade of Zhengyang Green is very difficult to solve. As for the emperor green, it is even impossible.”
Hearing this, Han Dongmin suddenly laughed: “As expected of Master Liu, if you see more green, your eyesight is high. All the jadeites except Zhengyang Green Emperor Green are already in the eyes of Master Liu. However, come to me. That said, ice jade is enough.”
“Master Liu, please recommend a few dollars, I will buy it now.”
Han Dongmin said with a smile.
He thought just now that Zhou Sheng and these profiteers had teamed up to get him from the waste rock pit, but when he heard that, Han Dongmin was relieved.
He didn’t have any extravagant hopes for the rare jadeites like Zhengyang Green and Emperor Green.
As far as he is concerned, as long as he can produce some good quality ice-type jadeite, he is content. As for the glass type, it is undoubtedly a great surprise.
“it is good.”
Liu Chuanzhi responded, and then ordered six of the twenty-eight rough stones in front of him.
“These six rough stones, whether they are fineness, shell, or cracks, are all outstanding among the 28 pieces.”
“If you want to start with Han City, you can choose from these six. Ten percent is at least ninety percent, which can be bullish.”
Liu Chuanzhi stood with his hand in his hand and said lightly. Confident words are full of majesty.
However, after Liu Chuanzhi finished saying this, the bald man Zhou Sheng stood up with a gloomy expression and stared at Liu Chuanzhi angrily: “Master Liu, what do you mean?”
“I haven’t offended you before, Zhou Sheng?”
“But the four major suppliers, each of you ordered two rough stones, but did not order one of my rough stones?”
“Are you humiliating my Zhoushi Jewelry?”
Zhou Sheng spoke coldly, speaking in a cold voice, full of anger above his old face.
After all, among the four rough stone suppliers present, Liu Chuanzhi picked six rough stones that were most likely to produce green, but none of their Zhou family’s.
What does this mean?
This is clearly telling Han Dongmin that what Zhou Sheng brought with him is all waste rocks that are hard to produce green.
This is undoubtedly like a slap in the face of Zhou Sheng, making it difficult for him to be a man in front of Han Dongmin.
Facing Zhou Sheng’s questioning, Liu Chuanzhi replied faintly: “You think too much. The old man looks at the stone and always treats things and not people.”
“A good stone is a good stone, and a waste stone is a waste stone. What does he come from?”
Hearing Liu Chuanzhi’s words, Zhou Sheng was undoubtedly even more angry: “Master Liu meant that the rough stone of my Zhou family is a waste stone?”
“I didn’t say it, you said it yourself.”

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