A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 577

However, before Liu Chuanzhi was angry, Han Dongmin was the first to blow up.
Hearing a muffled sound, Han Dongmin stood up with a slap on the table and said angrily to Ye Fan and others: “Why haven’t you left?”
Han Dongmin was very angry.
He thought that these people would naturally leave by themselves after talking about his son Han Shaojie just now.
But Han Dongmin didn’t expect that these bastards hadn’t even rolled out yet, and now they are bold enough to not only interrupt their affairs, but also to offend Master Liu?
He Han Dongmin can survive this disaster, but he counts on Master Liu alone.
If it is because of Ye Fan’s offense, Master Liu will go angrily and ruin his major event. When that happens, Han Dongmin will be too late to cry!
Therefore, when Ye Fan interrupted indiscriminately to offend Master Liu, Han Dongmin was naturally angry!
“You are not a good thing, look at the friends you make?”
“Don’t take them to roll me away!” Remember to read a book for one second
“Net to mess with me!”
In furious, Han Dongmin kicked Han Shaojie to the ground.
Ye Fan and Shen Fei are outsiders after all. As the deputy mayor, he is naturally not easy to deal with outsiders. But Han Shaojie’s son, Han Dongmin naturally has no scruples.
Angrily kicked over.
During this time, he was bored, because of the jade purchase.
But as an unfilial son, he couldn’t share his worries for himself. He also found a few hu-peng-gou friends to pretend to be masters. Isn’t this messing up for him?
Han Shaojie was almost crying at this time, and said aggrieved: “Dad, I really didn’t add 5689203b to you, my brother Fan is really a master in the world of stone gambling, and he really drove the Emperor Green~”
“That is, although my brother Ye Fan was born in the country and became a son-in-law, you can’t despise people so much. My brother Ye Fan is very powerful.” Hearing Han Dongmin and others contempt and insult her brother Ye Fan, Lu Wenjing finally Can’t help it anymore, with a puffed face, angrily shouted at Han Dongmin and others.
Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers!
When Lu Wenjing said these words, he was only thinking about protecting Ye Fan’s face, and didn’t think much about it at all.
But when he heard this, Shen Fei immediately slapped his thigh next to him: “This is something bad!”
Sure enough~
When they learned that the young man who claimed to be Master Ye was actually a hillbilly or a son-in-law, the disdain in everyone’s eyes was even worse. Zhou Sheng and others looked at Ye Fan with a bit of joking and sneer.
They thought that no matter how bad Ye Fan was, he should be like Shen Fei, Han Shaojie, etc., a rich boy?
After doing it for a long time, it turned out to be a turtle in the country!
No wonder the clothes are so poor.
“Dad, listen to me. Although my brother Fan is a little short of his background, but…”
“But your father is tall!” Han Dongmin was naturally even more angry. He even scolded himself when he became so cruel. “Asshole thing, you still have the face to explain to me, a country boy, you dare to pretend to be a master for me and see if I interrupt you today. leg!”
In furious, Han Dongmin wanted to teach his son again.
At this time, assistant Xiao Liu quickly grabbed Han Dongmin and told him to stop beating Han Shaojie. Shaojie was also a filial piety, but he was cheated.
At the same time, assistant Xiao Liu looked back at Ye Fan and said anxiously: “What are you doing in a daze? Apologize to Master Liu quickly.”
“Master Liu has a large number of adults, so naturally you won’t see you as a junior in the countryside.”
“Otherwise, not only you can’t eat, but Shaojie will be punished with you!”

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