A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 576

But Han Donghai frowned: “Zhou, these two hundred million, I am afraid it is a bit too much. The city gave me no budget of two hundred million. Your price is really unbearable for me.”
“Really?” After hearing this, Zhou Sheng shook his head, “Hanshi, if this is the case, then I am sorry. If the company is my own, I will sell the rough stone to Hanshi, even It’s fine to give it away for free, just to give back to my hometown elders. But behind me there are several major shareholders and tens of millions of shareholders. So, Hanshi, I’m really sorry.”
With a sigh, Zhou Sheng picked up the stone and turned to leave.
“Han Shi, don’t you really think about it?”
“I feel, this rough stone should be a treasure!”
“Moreover, Master Liu is so excited, I’m afraid it’s impossible to be an emperor?” Han Dongmin’s driver Meng Guang persuaded.
Han Dongmin did not speak, but looked at Liu Chuanzhi and whispered: “Master Liu, what’s your opinion?”
Liu Chuanzhi looked at the rough stone again and nodded: “This stone has already turned green. Through the gap, I guess that the jade is at least glass-like Zhengyang green. This is guaranteed. If you are lucky, the emperor Green is also possible!”
“If you buy 200 million, I can’t guarantee a big profit, but it is impossible to lose.”
“You can enter~”
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There was a long silence.
Even after hearing Liu Chuanzhi’s opinion, Han Dongmin still did not make up his mind to buy. Just watching Zhou Sheng asked his subordinates to pack the rough stone carefully and prepare to take it away.
“Han Shi, make a decision soon~”
“Zhou Zong is really leaving!” The driver Meng Guang was also anxious, for fear that his mayor would miss this opportunity to turn over.
After all, Meng Guang also knows how much pressure Han Dongmin is now on, embezzling funds to bet on rocks. If he does not fill the gap to complete the tasks in the city, even if Han Dongmin hides it well, it will inevitably be exposed.
At that time, the consequences would be disastrous.
And now, it is almost Han Dongmin’s last chance to stand up.
Zhou Sheng had already begun to transport the stone, and Han Dongmin remained silent.
He glanced at Liu Chuanzhi again. Liu Chuanzhi ignored Han Dongmin this time, but turned around and sat back on the sofa.
“If Han Shi doesn’t believe me, it’s fine. But in a word, if you don’t buy this stone, you will regret it.”
Hearing this, Han Dongmin finally made up his mind.
He immediately turned around and looked back at Zhou Sheng, who had already walked to the door, just as Han Dongmin said “I bought this stone” and was about to export it.
A faint sneer came from a corner of the room.
Dead still.
Deathly silence.
As these words fell, the whole room was quiet for a while.
Only, the breeze swept!
This sudden sound shocked everyone. Han Dongmin was stunned in place, Liu Chuanzhi’s expression was startled, even Zhou Sheng, who had already reached the door, stopped and frowned.
Several eyes looked together.
I saw a thin young man standing quietly by the window, and his faint voice continued to sound.
“Han Shi, if you don’t buy this stone, you regret it for a while.”
“But if you buy it, you will regret it forever!”
When he said this, the thin man always turned his back to the crowd. He stood by the window, always turned his back to the crowd, with his hands in his pockets, and looked out the window faintly.
The low voice followed the breeze and spread throughout the room.
After seeing the scene before them, everyone’s complexion suddenly sank, and there was almost a rising anger in their hearts.
They don’t even bother to read it!
what is this?
It is contempt!
It was a naked contempt for everyone present!
It was as if they were telling everyone that they didn’t even have the qualifications to let him look straight.
Especially Liu Chuanzhi, his old face sank as deep as water!
As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately replied, nonsense!
Moreover, he said it in such an arrogant and contemptuous tone.
what is this?
This is not a slap, this is a kick!
It was an extreme provocation to his majesty Liu Chuanzhi!
This makes Liu Chuanzhi, who has always been a domineering blessing, how to bear it?

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