A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 580

Liu Chuanzhi also said angrily.
And Han Dongmin ignored the anger of the two of them, but frowned, and continued to ask: “What did you mean by that before?”
“It means it literally.” Ye Fan put his hands in his pockets, smiled faintly, and still looked calm, “If Liu Chuanzhi is not a stone king but deliberately pretended to be, then it is natural that Han City invited the wrong person.”
“But if Master Liu is really a “Stone King” disciple, then I can only say that Han City was deceived.”
“Then Master Liu and Mr. Zhou are in the same group, and they work together to deceive Han City.”
“After listening to what Master Han said just now, it now appears that only the latter possibility remains.”
“Nonsense, if Master Liu and Zhou are always in the same group, why did they have a conflict just now? If Han Shi stopped, it is estimated that the two of them would have fought long ago. It would be good if they were not enemies. Fool?” Assistant Meng Guang asked coldly.
Ye Fan shook his head and continued with a smile: “Isn’t this the reason? If they didn’t act like this, would you think that they are in opposition?”
“This…” Meng Guang felt that a bolt of thunder struck, and he was immediately shocked.
He suddenly felt that what Ye Fan said really made sense.
“Junior, how dare you…?” Remember to read for a second
Hearing this, Master Liu couldn’t care about his identity and majesty anymore, his old eyes stared angrily, and his eyes were cracked!
How full of resentment and regret in his eyes.
He was full of regret at this time. He thought that the plan between himself and Zhou Sheng was perfect this time, and it was true.
He and Zhou Sheng’s plan was about to succeed, but he didn’t expect that he would be suspicious by a stinky kid.
Now that Ye Fan has spoken to the disc, even if Han Donghai doesn’t believe it all, he will definitely have doubts in his heart!
Sure enough, Han Donghai’s expression had completely subsided at this time. He turned to look at Liu Chuanzhi and asked coldly: “Master Liu, Mr. Zhou, what is the explanation for his words?”
“Han Shi, I…” Zhou Sheng said with a look of anxious expression.
But Ye Fan’s laughter has already sounded: “Han Shi, what else can you explain?”
“I estimate that Mr. Zhou’s company is on the verge of bankruptcy due to poor management. Therefore, Mr. Zhou intends to hit the Korean market before he runs away.”
“As for Master Liu, either he is controlled by others, or he owes Zong Zhou’s favor, and he has just joined with Zong Zhou to sing and stage this wonderful drama.”
“After all, two hundred million is definitely not a small amount for anyone, not to mention the fact that Mr. Zhou, who is on the verge of bankruptcy, is enough to make people take risks.”
“So, Mayor Han, these two people have been singing a double reed play from beginning to end, cheating you!”
“What the king of rough stones, just a piece of deceptive waste stone.”
3d1ec6c6 what?
Ye Fan’s words are only if the boulder falls into the sea, and it is set off by everyone, causing a huge wave.
For a moment, the whole hall was shocked.
Han Dongmin’s old face is getting more and more ugly, his hands are slowly clenched, and his old eyes are completely cold.
“Zhou Sheng, Liu Chuanzhi, what he said are true?”
“You two, are you really acting to pit me?” Ye Fan’s words were justified, even Han Dongmin had to start to doubt.
Zhou Sheng was already shocked at this time, his old face was pale, and his whole body was swaying.
He didn’t expect that Ye Fan would see it all!
Not only the acting was seen by him, but even the thoughts in his heart and even his situation were seen by Ye Fan!
Who is this guy?
Is he really a hillbilly?
Are you really a poor son-in-law?
This is really a god who can perceive people’s hearts!
At this time, the regret in Zhou Sheng’s heart, he had known so long ago. He just killed him and did not propose to let Ye Fan speak.
I blame myself for that stinky mouth!
However, all the plans were seen through, and Zhou Sheng, who was under a guilty conscience, had already panicked. In panic, he had to confess to Han Dongmin for mercy.
However, at this moment….

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