A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 581

However, at this moment, Liu Chuanzhi was angry and looked up at Ye Fan and laughed.
“As expected to be Master Ye, I don’t know how much Shi is capable of, but the skill of making stories is really not small.”
“Don’t talk about Mayor Han, even the old man himself almost believed it!”
“Master Ye, I will call you Master Ye for now.”
“Yes, I admit that the story you just made up is indeed seamless, and it does not leak.”
“Don’t say it’s someone else, even if the protagonists in these two stories with Mr. Zhou almost believed your nonsense.”
“But don’t forget, all your guesses are based on the premise that this rough stone is a waste stone.”
“I just want to ask you one sentence, why do you say that I’m nonsense, and why do you question whether this rough stone is a waste stone?”
“Besides, there are so many people in this room. Except for Mr. Zhou, Mr. Wang, Mr. Du and others are all people who have been in the jade stone realm for decades. Just now, the original stone shell shattered. After the green, not only did I say yes, the others were also amazed and admired.” First URL m.
“According to Master Ye, don’t you know that all of us are deceived by President Zhou, and we are not able to deceive Han City by joining together?”
Liu Chuanzhi smiled coldly, standing with his hands holding hands, his old face still had three points of arrogance, seven points of anger, looked at Ye Fan, and asked in a deep voice.
Repeatedly asked, but every sentence was harsh, and every word was stern.
Every sentence and every sentence is also justified.
The others nodded after hearing this.
“Indeed, this kid said that Mr. Zhou was partnering with Master Liu, but he didn’t explain at all. Why did he believe that Master Liu is nonsense, and why did he believe that the rough stone is a waste stone?”
“After all, this rough stone is all green.”
“Moreover, it is the material of the Pakang field in Myanmar. The green is seen by the pythons. This kind of rough stone is very precious and rare. I have been in the rough stone business for 30 years, but I have only seen it three times, but each time it has skyrocketed. The emperor green is drawn.”
“Such a rock, but this bastard says it is a waste rock?”
“I was almost evaded by this kid and led the ditch to misunderstand Master Liu?”
Several other rough merchants shook their heads with emotion, and kept talking.
This remark of Liu Chuanzhi undoubtedly let the crowd once again lead the spearhead to Ye Fan.
Han Dongmin’s clenched palm also slowly loosened at this time. Instead of questioning Zhou Sheng and others, he looked at Ye Fan. Obviously, he also waited for Ye Fan to explain.
However, silence, a long silence.
Under the gaze of everyone, Ye Fan did not answer for a long time.
Shen Fei was in a hurry, and poked Ye Fan in the back: “Brother Fan, speak up!”
“Quickly explain to them, hit the old man in the face~”
Ye Fan, 36e5213c is still silent.
In the entire living room, there was no sound for a long time, only the wind outside the window was blowing coldly.
At that time, Shen Fei’s heart was cold.
Paralysis, Brother Fan, wouldn’t those words just now really be nonsense?
“Master Ye, are you talking?”
“Isn’t it just eloquent, boastful, and vivid?”
“Now, why are you dumb and stop talking?”
Just now, Zhou Sheng, who thought that the Dongchuang incident had found himself in a catastrophe, saw Ye Fan look like this, the previous panic was swept away, and he suddenly laughed arrogantly.
Liu Chuanzhi also sneered, full of disdain: “Say?”
“I don’t think he can tell!”

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