A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 582

“Stone gambling has been an entertainment activity exclusively for dignitaries and dignitaries since ancient times.”
“He’s a country boy, he has no money and no rights, how can he know how to bet on rocks? Maybe he hasn’t even seen him before.”
“Don’t talk about the gambling master, I think he can’t distinguish between ice type and glass type, and Zhengyang Green and Emperor Green can’t be distinguished.”
“Not to mention the cracks and constriction.”
“As for Paganchang and Houjiangchang, you’re afraid it is these famous rough stone fields. Haven’t you heard of them?”
“A bastard who doesn’t understand anything, dares to come out to bluff and deceive, and even to confuse people with nonsense here, are you so brave?”
Liu Chuanzhi’s arrogant and cold voice resounded everywhere.
Like a sword, all stab Ye Fan ahead.
There was already a faint chuckle of disdain around him, and Han Dongmin’s look at Ye Fan gradually became cold.
Finally, Ye Fan smiled.
“Yes, Master Liu is right.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“I came from a poor family. I’m not a high-ranking official or a rich man. I didn’t even start gambling stone only last month.”
Hearing this, many people couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
I thought he was really a genius in the stone gambling world, a hidden master.
After doing it for a long time, I just got involved in gambling for less than half a year, no, not even a month of gambling Xiaobai.
Until now, everyone understood that Ye Fan seemed to be in his chest before, and he kept talking for a long time, dare to love is just a fabricated story.
Han Dongmin’s face was also extremely ugly, looking at Ye Fan, his eyes sank completely.
Originally, he had already believed Ye Fan’s words, but now it seems that they are just jokes.
But Ye Fan ignored the sneers around him, he still stood peacefully, his faint voice continued to echo.
“I really don’t know how to bet on rocks.”
“I don’t know what is ice seed, what is glass seed?”
“I can’t tell the difference between Emperor Green and Zhengyang Green.”
“Not to mention the Pakant field, the Houjiang field.”
“But it doesn’t matter.”
“I only know that that stone is a waste rock. Your words are all nonsense, that’s enough!”
“If you insist on a reason, why should I say that?”
“I can tell you!”
“What I rely on is feeling!”
What 06ea55d9? !
feel? !
Ye Fan’s words, if the boulder falls into the sea, everyone is shocked.
“Damn, shameless pen?”
“Idiot you!”
The driver, Xiao Liu, couldn’t hold back, and cursed directly.
“Still feeling?”
“Do I still feel like you are a wicked pen?”
At this moment, many people are undoubtedly angry.
I just feel that there is a kind of anger to be teased!
Just now, they thought that Ye Fan was so sure, what could he really say?
Now it seems that he was just an idiot!
Still rely on feeling?
You are a hairy boy, betting on Shi Xiaobai, do you feel like a fart?
Especially Liu Chuanzhi, being so questioned and teased by Ye Fan, was even more furious.
“Boy, do you know who I am?”
“How dare you be so arrogant, now in front of me, still dare to say “feeling”?”
“Do you know how to bet on rocks?”
“You can see the court, can you tell the difference?”
“You don’t even know the types of ice and water, and you dare to question my authority here?”
“Call me nonsense, call me nonsense?”
“Who gives you the courage!”
In the hall, Liu Chuanzhi drank angrily.
An arrogant voice, with chills in his eyes. The surging momentum, only if the gold stone fell to the ground, clanging, but it was a thunderous sound.
The words of anger and the deep voice are even more deafening, like a thunder breaking apart, blasting the entire hall.

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