A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 584

At this time, Shen Fei’s face was pale with fright, and the back of his spine was covered with cold sweat, speaking bitterly to Ye Fan.
But Lu Wenjing was filled with righteous indignation!
Ye Fan was silent, just watching.
Watching Liu Chuanzhi and the others’ angry scolding, watching Zhou Sheng’s cold smile, and watching Han Dongmin’s increasingly serious expression.
Finally, the suppressed anger in Han Dongmin’s heart broke out instantly.
With cold eyes, they stared at Ye Fan.
“Not leaving yet, are you?”
“In that case, don’t blame the city for being polite!”
When the words fell, Han Dongmin immediately picked up the phone and broadcast a call.
“Team Liu, bring someone here.”
“Yes, my house.” The first website m.
“There is a bastard who is making trouble here, come here and kick him out!”
Just a few dozen seconds after the phone was hung up, a dozen armed policemen with live ammunition had already rushed in outside the Han’s villa, and according to Han Dongmin’s order, they surrounded Ye Fan, Shen Fei and others.
With such a formation, Shen Fei was completely shocked.
I always thought that it was Shen Fei who led others to do others, but for the first time now, I was surrounded by others.
And they are armed police, guns are real!
“Brother Fan, shall we go?”
“I really don’t want to die!” Shen Fei was already crying.
I thought that I was afraid that Ye Fan would be killed this time.
If he had known this long ago, he would have killed him and would not come here to take a trip to this muddy water!
When Shen Fei was frightened, Lu Wenjing beside her was flushed with anger.
“Brother Ye Fan, they are too much.
“You kindly helped him, how could they treat you this way?”
“They just bite Lu Dongbin~”
Lu Wenjing was filled with righteous indignation, and only felt worthless for his brother Ye Fan.
And Han Shaojie was even scared a long time ago, and he dared not say a word while staying there.
He never thought that his father would be so angry.
The armed police on duty from the security of the community was directly transferred, and now they are even surrounding Ye Fan and others.
Seeing that these people were about to capture Ye Fan and others and throw them outside in accordance with Han Dongmin’s order, a cold laughter sounded quietly.
Everyone saw that among the crowd, the thin young man, standing with his hand held hands, smiled indifferently even when facing the crowd.
It’s just that smile, but it’s so cold and sensuous!
“Han Dongmin, originally, I thought of your son’s filial piety, so I just agreed to come and help you.”
“But I never thought that you Han Dongmin, you don’t know how to respect me or respect me, but instead I insult me ​​and drive me?”
“Now it seems that I, Ye Fan, are nosy and passionate!”
“In that case, why should I stay?”
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, full of self-deprecation and sarcasm.
Finally, he looked at Han Dongmin, Zhou Sheng, Liu Chuanzhi, and everyone present. Senran’s gaze was like a sword, sweeping around.
The next moment, a sharp sneer sounded like thunder, blasting the world.
“However, before leaving, I have to show you what Ye Fan can do!”
“Let you know, is it Liu Chuanzhi’s nonsense? Or I, Ye Fan, confused right and wrong?”
Ye Fan’s words fell, a majestic momentum, and immediately exploded.
Han Dongmin and the others, their faces trembled immediately.
“You…what are you doing?”
When everyone was panicked, Ye Fan lifted one foot, then stomped to the ground fiercely.
Low and dull, like a thunder exploding.
In the deafening sound, everyone only felt that a wave of air swept across.
Immediately afterwards, it was like a cracking sound.
When everyone looked at it again, they saw the so-called 200 million “king of the original stone” in front of Zhou Sheng, suddenly exploded.
Jet black gravel, splashed everywhere.
Seeing such a scene, everyone present was immediately stunned.
Especially Han Dongmin himself, his old face was so ugly, he looked at the rough stone that was shattered all over the ground.
Where are the treasures of jadeite?
Don’t say that the glass has a positive green, except for the little green mark on the epidermis, there is no green at all in the entire rough stone?
As Ye Fan said, this is a piece of waste rock!
It’s just a piece of scrap that can’t be broken.
And it was this piece of scrap that Han Dongmin nearly spent 200 million to buy.
Thinking of this, Han Dongmin had a cold back and was covered in cold sweats.
As for Zhou Sheng, his face turned pale when he saw the original stone exposed.
As for Liu Chuanzhi himself, his old face was even more panicked, his head buzzed, staying in place!
The look was panic, but there was no longer any arrogance and arrogance when he slammed Ye Fan before.
It’s like being caught in bed by someone!

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