A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 590

Ye Fan nodded, and then replied, “Okay, quietly. We’ll deliver food to your sister Qiu in a while.”
“Well, give Sister Qiu a big surprise~” Lu Wenjing seemed to look forward to it.
Soon after the meal was finished, Ye Fan took a bento box and packed the portion belonging to Qiu Mucheng. After a while, they finished the meal and prepared to send it to Qiu Mucheng.
“If you don’t eat well, what are you going to do?” Han Li and his wife were puzzled, what did Ye Fan do after eating in such a hurry.
Lu Wenjing said, “Auntie, Brother Ye Fan and I are going to send meals to Sister Qiu.”
“You are going to Mucheng Company?” Han Li was slightly startled when he heard this.
In the past, Qiu Mucheng used to eat out at noon or order takeaways, but now she can’t even afford takeaways. 4bc349d2 wants Ye Fan to deliver food?
Han Li almost realized that what happened to her daughter’s company, right? It’s not as smooth as Qiu Mucheng told them.
“No, I have to go and check it out.” The first URL m.
“If this company really is going to close down, I have to get Mucheng to resign as soon as possible.”
“The province was delayed.”
Now their family is almost exclusively supported by Qiu Mucheng. If Qiu Mucheng can’t make any money, what will happen in the future?
Why not drink northwest wind?
Therefore, of course Han Li is particularly concerned about Qiu Mucheng’s work.
With such thoughts, Han Li immediately decided that he and Qiulei would also go to deliver meals together, and take a look at their company situation by the way.
The mother-in-law spoke, Ye Fan had no choice but to go with them.
Mufan Real Estate has just been established now.
Whether it is an office building or decoration, it is new.
Originally, Qiu Mucheng and the others planned, and once the approval was completed, they immediately held an opening reception.
Even the original invitation has been written!
However, the plan could not keep up with the changes.
Who would have thought that after everything was ready, the approval of the qualification certificate would be blocked.
If the examination and approval process cannot be completed, their company will not be able to operate. Otherwise, it will be illegal.
In this way, everything was delayed.
The current Mufan real estate is completely stubborn, and the cash flow is almost cut off.
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng had just finished the meeting with the company’s executives, and then turned on the phone to order a takeaway to make a living.
At this time, there was a man’s warm voice behind him.
“Mr. Qiu, haven’t you eaten yet?”
“Don’t order takeaway.”
“I specially asked my nanny to cook two meals, shall we eat together?”
While speaking, a young man in a suit smiled and said to Qiu Mucheng.
Qiu Mucheng politely replied: “Manager Zhang, no need, I have already ordered takeaway.”
Qiu Mucheng was about to refuse, but the colleagues passing by at this time saw it, but smiled inexplicably: “Mr. Qiu, Manager Zhang has worked so hard, so don’t refuse?”
“People persisted and brought you lunch for a month, but you refused for a month. Mr. Zhang’s friendship with Mr. Qiu, if Mr. Qiu refuses, we can’t stand it anymore.”
The employees around the company suddenly laughed.
Qiu Mucheng was undoubtedly a little embarrassed when they said that.
If you don’t accept it again, it is indeed unkind.
“Well, Manager Zhang, I’ll accept it this time. I will transfer the money to you in a while. But you really don’t have to be so troublesome in the future.”

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