A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 589

“is it?”
“You Nizi, do you feel that way now?”
Between the two talking and laughing, they soon returned home.
Just in time for cooking at noon.
At this time, there were only Han Li and his wife at home. As soon as Ye Fan came back, the couple asked Ye Fan to cook.
At this time, Lu Wenjing would take the initiative to give Ye Fan a hand.
“Brother Ye Fan, sister Qiu come back for dinner at noon?”
When Ye Fan was cooking, Lu Wenjing asked curiously.
Ye Fan shook his head: “Your sister Qiu is busy at work, and rarely comes back for dinner at noon. Almost always order a takeaway at the company and make a living.”
When Lu Wenjing heard this, he was immediately worried.
“How can this be done?” Remember to read a book for one second
“Our teacher said that the takeaways are very dirty, and they often get sick easily.”
“And my sister Qiu is not willing to buy cosmetics, she won’t be willing to buy them when ordering food?”
“Brother Ye Fan, how about we go to the company today to send meals to Sister Qiu?”
Lu Wenjing proposed.
However, after what she said, Ye Fan also felt very reasonable.
In the past, Ye Fan had also taken the initiative to give Qiu Mucheng food, but Qiu Mucheng refused to let him send it, saying that she didn’t want Ye Fan to be too troublesome. If she wanted to eat, just order a takeaway.
Now that the company’s operations are in a state of affairs, and the approval has not been completed, Ye Fan estimated that Qiu Mucheng was really like what Lu Wenjing said, and he was not willing to eat and wear.
In fact, Ye Fan helped Han Shaojie today, so he thought of telling Han Dongmin after the matter was done, and asked them to give Mufan the approval of the real estate.
Han Dongmin is a deputy mayor who is also in charge of the industrial and commercial industry. Such approvals are nothing more than a sentence.
But who could think that Han Dongmin looked at people, and Ye Fan broke up directly with them in the end, so naturally there was no chance to talk about this matter.
If Qiu Mucheng and the others couldn’t figure it out anymore, Ye Fan wanted to call Li Er.
After all, Li Er has some power in Yunzhou, and he should also have some people who can talk about it in the government.
It shouldn’t be difficult to get a qualification certificate for Mufan Group.
“However, it would be a lot easier if Mr. Xu was there.”
“She has been in Yunzhou Shopping Center for so many years. It is estimated that this kind of thing is just a phone call to her, right?”
“This woman, why did she leave inexplicably?”
“Don’t say hello.”
At this time, Ye Fan sounded the mature and charming woman before, Xu Lei, the boss of the Hongqi Group.
Xu Lei helped Ye Fan set up this Mufan real estate.
Ye Fan was thinking about asking Xu Lei to help Qiu Mucheng in the future, but who would have thought that Xu Lei would suddenly leave without saying goodbye.
Xu Lei’s departure was abrupt. Ye Fan also asked Li Er about Xu Lei’s situation. It seemed that someone from the family picked her up.
This time, it took so long. It seems that I am afraid I will not come back in the future.
“It’s cheaper Qiu Muying and the others.”
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled. He was expecting to wait for Xu Lei to come back and ask her to tear up the contract and terminate the cooperation with Qiu Family. Give the Qiu family a lesson to the white-eyed wolves.
After all, the cooperation that his wife had worked so hard to get was used as a wedding dress for others, not to mention Qiu Mucheng, Ye Fan was also quite angry in his heart.
“Brother Ye Fan, why don’t you speak?”
“Are you going to deliver meals to Sister Qiu?” Lu Wenjing’s voice pulled Ye Fan back from his thoughts of running away.

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