A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 594

34cc9ae8 Qiu Mucheng said politely.
“Are you Qiu Mucheng?”
“The boss of this company? That hillbilly’s wife?” Wang Xingduo asked with gloomy eyes when he saw Qiu Mucheng.
Qiu Mucheng was slightly stunned.
He asked if he was the boss of the company, which was understandable.
But why did he ask himself if he was Ye Fan’s wife?
Almost instantly, Qiu Mucheng had a bad feeling in her heart.
“Yes, I am the president of this company. I wonder if Director Wang is…”
“Huh, you still have the face to ask?”
“The chaos in the real estate industry in Yunzhou City is because of illegal businessmen like you.”
Before Qiu Mucheng’s words were finished, Wang Xingduo shouted angrily. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face was startled, and she was immediately puzzled: “Director Wang, I don’t understand, what did we do to make you so angry?”
“Hehe, you can pretend, right?” Wang Xingduo sneered, and then sternly said, “We have received reports from the masses that your Mufan real estate is suspected of illegal operation. I now decide to seal Mufan real estate immediately, and all the company’s senior leaders cooperate with the investigation .”
Seal the company?
All leaders cooperate with the investigation?
Upon hearing this, Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face turned pale. Other employees of the company were also immediately surprised.
“Director Wang, because of a report from the masses, you directly sealed up our company without investigation? It’s a bit too much, right? What if we were framed?” Qiu Mucheng asked immediately.
Wang Xingduo hummed: “Your company is sealed up to facilitate investigation!”
“As for whether it is framed or not, after we investigate it clearly, we will naturally give you a conclusion.”
“Now everyone leaves the company immediately.”
“Company building, immediately seal it up!”
Wang Xingduo gave an order, and the men behind him had already taken out the white seal. It seemed that there was no room for negotiation.
“Then Director Wang, how long will it take to give us a conclusion?” Qiu Mucheng suppressed the anger in her heart and continued to ask.
Wang Xingduo faintly replied: “This is hard to say. It can be as short as one or two days, and as long as half a year. After all, the masses not only report your company’s illegal operations, but also the fire-fighting facilities that fail to meet the standards, and the suspected forgery of official seals. trouble.”
Wang Xingduo said lightly.
But when Qiu Mucheng heard this, her eyes became red with anger: “If you want to commit a crime, why don’t you have any trouble?”
“You got our company’s approval before, I have nothing to say, we are controlled by others, that is your right!”
“But now, just because of an inexplicable mass organization, you do not investigate, do not distinguish between right and wrong, you will directly seal up our company as soon as you come up, and you will have to investigate for half a year?”
“Director Wang, do you know what the little half a year in your mouth represents for our company?”
“What does it mean to those of us who work hard for our families and lives?”
“That is not only the life and death of a private enterprise, but also the livelihood of dozens of people in the company?”
“But now, just because you made such a random decision, you ruined the future of a company and ruined the livelihood of dozens of employees to feed their families?”
Qiu Mucheng’s brows were flushed, she looked at Wang Xingduo, said angrily, and repeatedly questioned.
Sealing up for half a year is enough to destroy a small company like Mufan Real Estate that has just started.
However, before Wang Xingduo could answer, Qiu Mucheng smiled suddenly, and continued to talk as if talking to herself.
“Oh, I almost forgot. You are a leader, and you are a great figure above all else. You can determine the life and death of an enterprise and the livelihood of countless people in a word.”
“A big man like you doesn’t understand this and doesn’t want to understand~”
Qiu Mucheng shook her head and smiled, but her smile was so sad and full of self-deprecating eyes.
The grievances for so long, at this moment, undoubtedly broke out.
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng had spoken out all the grievances and helplessness in her heart during this time.
Hearing Qiu Mucheng’s words, Wang Xingduo immediately laughed, his face full of sorrow and coldness, and he said in a grimace.
“You are really right!”
“I just don’t understand, I don’t want to understand either.”
“For you, I am above everything, I can decide the life and death of your company.”
“Today, you Mufan property, I have sealed it up!”
Wang Xingduo smiled grimly, and looked at Qiu Mucheng with unbridled eyes full of gloomy eyes.
“Qiu Mucheng, you must be very puzzled, why should I bother you?”
“To blame, blame your squandered husband!”
“He makes it hard for me, and I make it hard for your family!”

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