A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 595

To Ye Fan, Wang Xingduo hated him.
In the last exhibition, if Ye Fan hadn’t targeted him and revealed that the painting was fake, how could Wang Xingduo’s face be discredited? How could it become the laughing stock of the entire painting and calligraphy circles, and now it has been blocked by the entire Yunzhou painting and calligraphy circles.
Now those friends in the calligraphy and painting circles before Wang Xingduo saw him as if they were looking at a joke.
After all, holding an inferior fake and claiming to be Tang Bohu’s painting is an idiot.
Therefore, today’s Wang Xingduo, in front of his former friends, can’t afford to raise his head at all.
And it was Ye Fan that directly caused all this!
This incident made Wang Xingduo worry, the more he thought about it, the more angry he became.
Wang Xingduo was the one who must repay him, but now that Ye Fan engages him like this, Wang Xingduo will naturally not give up.
Therefore, after learning about Ye Fan’s relationship with Qiu Mucheng, Wang Xingduo wanted to avenge Ye Fan by attacking Qiu Mucheng.
Therefore, early this morning, after finding the address of Mu Fan’s real estate, Wang Xingduo brought people directly over.
“Your husband makes my reputation stink, I will make your company pornographic!” Remember to read for a second
“Wait for the bankruptcy, you~”
Wang Xingduo smiled grimly, and the cold voice echoed in Qiu Mucheng’s ears for a long time.
After Qiu Mucheng heard it, she was undoubtedly stunned.
She never thought that this matter would have something to do with Ye Fan?
However, before Qiu Mucheng could say something, Han Li and others behind her exploded in an instant.
“You are so useless, it turns out it is because of you!”
“I was wondering before. My Mucheng has always been honest and abiding by laws and regulations. How could it be possible to operate illegally and how could it be targeted?”
“After a long time, it turned out to be you!”
“You useless, incompetent and incompetent, you can’t make money, don’t you say, you still cause trouble for my Mucheng?”
“A bastard who has not succeeded but failed, but my family has spent eight lifetimes of bad luck, and only then was it worthless?”
When Han Li learned that this incident was caused by Ye Fan, she became mad at the time.
An old face almost distorted because of anger, pointing at Ye Fan and cursing.
That pungent look, as if to tear Ye Fan to life.
“Auntie, you can’t blame Ye Fan. They bullied us first, and they deceived everyone. My brother Ye Fan just helped me out~” Lu Wenjing was defending Ye Fan.
However, where Han Li could hear these words, she still cursed Ye Fan with red eyes.
“Three years, three years, you came to my Qiu family for three years, what have you brought us?”
“All bad luck, all disasters!”
“Because of you, we were kicked out of the Qiu family.”
“Because of you, Mucheng was swept out!”
“Now, because of you, Mucheng’s business is going to close.”
“You bastard, do you want to ruin our family to be happy?”
Han Lihong cursed wildly at Ye Fan.
If it weren’t for being pulled by Lu Wenjing, I guess Han Li had already gone up to fight Ye Fan.
Han Li didn’t have the slightest affection for Ye Fan. Now that Ye Fan couldn’t make any money, he still caused trouble for their family, and now her daughter was even more involved. Of course Han Li was angry.
The eyes that looked at Ye Fan almost burst out of fire, and wanted to burn Ye Fan to death.
Qiulei was also full of anger. He glanced at Ye Fan in disgust, and hummed coldly: “You are a waste of money, if my family Mucheng loses a job again because of you, our family will never end with you!”
Not only the couple of them, but other employees in the company also looked at Ye Fan with resentment, pointed and complained: “Hey~”

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