A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 598

He stood proudly, looking at Wang Xingduo in front of him, and continued: “Director Wang, since you know my father, then give me a face and give my father a face. Let’s stop here for today’s affairs.”
“Also, you should pass the approval of Mufan’s real estate.”
“At that time, my father Zhang Xiaosong and I will remember Director Wang’s favor.”
Zhang Zhengfu said indifferently, how vivid is the compelling tone in the words?
However, as soon as Zhang Zhengfu’s words fell, who would have thought that the next one, Wang Xingduo kicked up, directly kicking Zhang Zhengfu to the ground.
At that time everyone was confused.
Zhang Zhengfu was also lying on his stomach with his stomach, and he almost cried: “Director Wang, what are you doing?”
“What are you doing? What the fuck!”
“Also Zhang Xiaosong?”
“That’s a fart!” Remember to read a book for one second
“I have never heard of people who dare to come out and press me?”
“You bastard is not big, but your tone is not small!”
“Give you back face?”
“You have the face of a fart?”
“It’s just a low-ranking merchant, and dare you to be arrogant in front of the director?”
“Hurry up!”
Wang Xingduo shouted angrily, and finally slapped Zhang Zhengfu’s face. He was so scared that Zhang Zhengfu immediately closed his mouth, his face was flushed red, and he dared not move even when he lay on the ground.
The scene before him trembled everyone.
No one thought that this Wang Xingduo would not even give the face of Zhang Xiaosong’s son, and now he is directly beating people.
“Send to me!”
“All documents, information, bills, all sealed.”
“The executives of the company all brought them back and inspected them one by one.”
“If there are any more people who do not know what is good or bad, they will all be detained and taken away forcibly for the crime of obstructing official duties.”
“I’ll take a look. Is there anything that doesn’t have eyes that dare to stop?”
Wang Xingduo was obviously completely angry.
Just now that idiot Zhang Zhengfu called out Zhang Xiaosong’s name so arrogantly, Wang Xingduo was really frightened at the time, and he really thought he was the son of a big man.
Later, he thought for a long time, but didn’t think who this Xiaosong was.
Haven’t heard of it before, is that a big butt?
So at that time, Wang Xingduo was annoyed and realized that this Zhenghu was bluffing him, so he went straight up without saying anything.
Subsequently, Wang Xingduo gave an order to let his subordinates seal up Mufan’s property.
For a time, Qiu Mucheng and others were almost desperate.
Han Li and others even shouted and cursed Ye Fan, blaming Ye Fan for tireding his daughter.
But Ye Fan just stood still and kept silent. However, no one noticed that Ye Fan’s eyebrows were already as cold as ice. The aura of the whole person was even more timid, so that Lu Wenjing on the side saw this scene, scared her face pale.
“Ye… Brother Ye Fan, what’s wrong with you?”
Ye Fan didn’t answer, just lifted up his steps and walked towards Wang Xingduo and others.
Like a swordsman, about to draw the sword and kill the enemy!
The awe-inspiring momentum is bringing gusts of cold wind!
However, when Ye Fan was about to take a shot, there was a vehicle stopping outside the company building.
Immediately afterwards, several men in suits walked in.
“Excuse me, Master Ye Fanye, can you be here?”
Assistant Meng Guang and driver Xiao Liu walked in with full respect, and then politely asked everyone in the room.

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