A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 599

The sudden intrusion of these people in front of them shocked everyone.
Being disturbed again and again, Wang Xingduo’s subordinates were also immediately annoyed. They turned their heads indiscriminately and directly yelled, “Where’s the bastard!”
“Don’t you see that we are performing official duties?”
“So courageous, dare to~”
Amidst the fury of his subordinates, Wang Xingduo looked back a little impatiently.
But after seeing the person, he was shocked, his body trembled immediately, and he hurriedly shouted: “Little Liu, shut up!”
“Something without a mouthful?”
“Do you dare to insult anyone?”
Wang Xingduo immediately stopped his men, and then hurried forward, with a warm smile on his face, and at the same time took a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed it up: “Brother Liu, long time no see.”
“Did Hanshi give you a holiday today? Why did you come here when you are free?”
While talking, Wang Xingduo had already passed the cigarette to the driver Xiao Liu’s hand.
Wang Xingduo knew Han Dongmin’s driver.
After all, during weekdays, Han Dongmin’s driver came to run errands when reporting work to Han Dongmin and passing documents.
As time passed, I also knew each other.
“Director Wang, it’s such a coincidence. You’re here too. I’m here to do something. How about you?” Xiao Liu obviously recognized Wang Xingduo, and then replied with a smile.
While talking and laughing, Xiao Liu took Wang Xingduo’s cigarette and started lighting.
Although this Wang Xingduo has a small position, he still has some power under his hands. He is not qualified to contact Han Dongmin, but one of Han Dongmin’s drivers, Wang Xingduo can still get acquainted.
Although Xiao Liu is just an idle job driving the leader, he has no power in his hands. However, they are the people next to Han Dongmin.
Just this kind of identity that can accompany Han Dongmin at this moment is enough to make many people deliberately flatter him.
This Wang Xingduo is naturally one of them.
Brother Liu called Brother Liu, but he was very kind.
“Me, I’m here to do some official business too.”
“This Mufan real estate has committed a crime and is suspected of illegal business operations. I brought people over to seal him up first, and then slowly investigate.” Wang Xingduo said casually without caring.
“what did you say?”
“You want to take someone to seal this Mufan property?” However, when Xiao Liu on the side heard it, he was shocked. The smoke in his mouth fell to the ground with a slap, and the fire almost burned his nose hair. .
“Director Wang, are you crazy?”
“You want to kill Han City?”
“Do you know who owns this Mufan Real Estate?”
“That’s Master Ye’s!”
“You are really a bold son, Master Ye’s property, do you dare to move?”
“People who don’t bring you, get out!”
After Xiao Liu heard Wang Xingduo’s words, he was undoubtedly shocked instantly, and his old face was completely green.
What are they doing today?
Just to apologize to Ye Fan!
But Xiao Liu didn’t expect that Wang Xingduo wanted to take someone to seal Mufan’s real estate without knowing his life.
According to their investigation, this Mufan real estate is the company of Master Ye’s wife. In other words, it is actually Ye Fan’s property.
You know, the industry and commerce department is in charge of Han Dongmin. They just offended Ye Fan in Han Shi this morning. Now this afternoon, Han Dongmin’s subordinates are coming to provoke him again?
Such behavior will undoubtedly destroy Han Dongmin’s plot!

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