A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 602

Before that, Xiao Liu was nothing more than a driver. Wang Xingduo didn’t care about Ye Fan being so respectful. He only thought that Ye Fan only knew the driver. A pure personal relationship was not enough.
However, only now did Wang Xingduo understand that the arrival of Xiao Liu and Meng Guang was entirely to lead Han Dongmin’s arrival!
Thinking of this, Wang Xingduo felt cold. While Han Dongmin and others were not paying attention, Wang Xingduo led the men who were ready to slip away.
But at this time, facing the apology of Han Dongmin and others, Ye Fan sneered.
“Don’t, Han Shi, you apologize, I can’t stand it!”
“You are a subordinate, you want to seal up my wife’s company if you say anything wrong, and you want to make our family feel bad.
“I can’t even provoke you as a subordinate, let alone your superior deputy mayor?”
Ye Fan said the opposite, sneered.
“Ye Fan, don’t talk nonsense, be polite…” Qiu Mucheng paled three-pointers in fright when he heard Ye Fan’s ridiculous words.
That’s Han Dongmin, a big figure in the official power of Yunzhou City that is enough to rank in the top three.
Qiu Mucheng has only seen this kind of person on TV. But now, when her husband actually spoke to Han Dongmin in such a tone, Qiu Mucheng was of course apprehensive, and hurriedly pulled his sleeves behind Ye Fan to make him respect Han Dongmin. First URL m.
However, to Qiu Mucheng’s surprise, Han Dongmin not only didn’t feel angry at all when facing Ye Fan’s unceremonious words, but frowned, and stared at the assistant Meng Guang and the driver Xiao Liu.
“Say, what the hell is going on?”
The driver Xiao Liu immediately replied: “Han City, this is how things are.”
Immediately, Xiao Liu told Han Dongmin what Wang Xingduo had done.
“There are such things?!”
“Wang Xingduo, come over here!”
“I want to listen, why do you want to seize Master Ye’s property?” Han Dongmin shouted coldly, then looked forward and asked angrily.
Wang Xingduo, who had just turned around at 514f0a7c, was shocked when he heard Han Dongmin’s words. Knowing that there is no escape, I had to bite the bullet and face it.
“Han Shi, misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding~”
“I don’t know, you and Ye…Master Ye…”
Wang Xingduo explained to Han Dongmin with eyes full of bitterness.
Han Dongmin’s face is cold, and he still asks, “What misunderstanding? I’ll let you say, what happened to this Mufan real estate, and asked you to take someone to seal it up without asking for instructions?”
Facing Han Dongmin’s question, how did Wang Xingduo answer?
After all, from beginning to end, he added the charges of Mu Fan Real Estate indiscriminately.
Now Han Dongmin asked him to say, where would he dare to say?
In the end, Wang Xingduo knelt on the ground with a bitter face, and pleaded with Han Dongmin: “Han Shi, I…I was wrong.”
“I was confused for a while.”
“I should die, I should punish~”
“But Han Shi, for the sake of playing in Yunzhou for so many years, bypass me this time?”
Wang Xingduo begged sadly.
However, how could Han Dongmin spare him: “You use public for personal gain, abuse your private power, and frame others.”
“The moral is corrupt, the behavior is extremely bad!”
“You have done such a terrible disaster, and still have the face to beg me to forgive you?”
“Come here, bring him down for me, dismissal pending trial, and severely punished.”
Han Dongmin’s cold words are like a death sentence.
Wang Xingduo was stunned on the spot, his eyes full of despair. At that moment, he was as if he had been taken out of all his strength and collapsed like a puddle of mud.
Heart is like, dead ashes!
He didn’t expect that the position he had worked so hard to achieve for decades collapsed at this moment.
If you make a mistake, you will hate it through the ages~

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