A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 606

As a close friend of Shen Fei, Han Shaojie was naturally unwilling to be dropped by Shen Fei.
He has decided that he should also work hard, like his father, to open up his own business.
However, when the father and son were talking, Han Dongmin seemed to realize something and suddenly slapped his thigh: “Broken!”
“Dad, what’s the matter with you?” Han Shaojie was suddenly puzzled.
“Quickly, Young Master, go with Dad and chase Master Ye.”
“I just had a drink just now, but I forgot to tell Master Ye about something important.”
“Well, Master Ye will be worried about his life 3db198f9.”
Han Dongmin’s face changed drastically, his old face was pale, and then he called Han Shaojie, and drove in the direction of Ye Fan’s departure.
On the other side, after Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing left the villa of Han Dongmin’s house, they also rushed home in the dark.
During this time, Qiu Mucheng went to work during the day, and Lu Wenjing was alone at home and no one was with him. Therefore, as long as Ye Fan went out, Lu Wenjing followed like a follower.
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Ye Fan followed Han Dongmin to buy stones for a day, and Lu Wenjing naturally followed him for a day.
I thought this little Lolita would complain about tiredness, but to Ye Fan’s surprise, this little girl was not only not tired, but was also alive and happy.
“Brother Ye Fan, you are too good.”
“If you don’t make a move, it’s amazing.”
“Any stone you fancy, all the green soaring.”
“No, Brother Ye Fan, I have to look into your eyes and let me see if you have any glaring eyes.”
At this time, Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing were walking on the streets of Yunzhou.
It was 7 o’clock in the evening, when the night life in Yunzhou was lively, pedestrians came and went everywhere, and the shops on the roadside were full of couples.
At this time, Lu Wenjing was wearing a printed shirt with a black and white checkered skirt underneath. His small black leather shoes hit the ground. He looked lovely like a little sparrow in June. The look is very charming.
Between the two talking and laughing, they passed by a barbecue restaurant, and the rich smell of meat arrived. As a result, Lu Wenjing on the side was unable to walk, greedy drooling, and kept asking Ye Fan to go in for barbecue.
“You Nizi, didn’t you just finish eating, eat again?”
“No! Just now you just chatted there and didn’t eat much. If you didn’t eat, I didn’t dare to eat. I almost didn’t eat a few bites.”
“Brother Ye Fan, you take me there. Haven’t you taken me out for dinner after I came? What’s more, I am leaving tomorrow night, so you should practice it for me one day in advance, OK? ?” Lu Wen said quietly, with an inexplicable light shining in those longing beautiful eyes.
Under Lu Wenjing’s coquetry, Ye Fan had no choice but to take him to a barbecue.
“Let’s talk about it first, save some food, I don’t have much money.
“Hmph, Brother Ye Fan is really stingy! Don’t worry, I won’t eat you down.”
“Heh, Nizi, are you stingy if you invite you to a barbecue? I am not pleased with my efforts.”
Ye Fan smiled helplessly, and then entered an open-air barbecue restaurant with Lu Wenjing.
When Ye Fan and the two entered, no one noticed. Not far away, there was always a pair of eyes watching them all the time.
After seeing the two enter, the person immediately picked up the phone and called out: “Brother Zhou, Lehua Grill on East Liaoyang Road.”
After a long period of silence, on the other side of the phone, only a cold “OK” came out!

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