A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 605

“Yes, yes, what Master Ye said is extremely true.”
“With this lesson, Han Dongmin, I am afraid I will remember it for a lifetime.”
“Never do such a desperate thing again.”
Recalling what happened during this period of time, Han Dongmin couldn’t help being shocked in a cold sweat.
Fortunately, I met Master Ye, otherwise, he was afraid that he would really be unable to get through this disaster.
On that day, if it weren’t for Ye Fan, Han Dongmin believed Liu Chuanzhi’s words and used two hundred million to buy a piece of waste rock.
If things really get to that point, now Han Dongmin, where there is still a chance to sit here to eat and chat with Ye Fan as he does now, it is estimated that he has already gone to jail for the Dongchuang incident.
Later, Han Dongmin and Han Shaojie and his son sent Ye Fan away.
Originally, Han Dongmin wanted to take them back by special car, but Ye Fan refused, so he could go back by himself.
Despite Ye Fan and the others, Han Dongmin had no choice but to follow Ye Fan’s wishes.
“The younger generation is terrible, the younger generation is really terrifying~” First URL m.
“Shaojie, since you are fortunate enough to know a friend like Master Ye, in the future, you must have more contacts.”
“As the saying goes, those who are close to Zhu are red and those who are close to ink are black. I hope you can become more prosperous under the influence of Master Ye until you can help me alone?”
Under the moonlight, looking at the back of Ye Fan leaving, Han Dongmin was full of admiration and sighed again and again.
Beside him, Han Shaojie nodded: “Well, Dad, I will learn more from Brother Fan in the future.”
Hearing this, Han Dongmin immediately smiled with relief: “Very well, Shaojie, if you can think of it this way, I am very happy to be a father.”
“Also, this time, for my father to survive this disaster, you really did a great job. If you didn’t recommend Master Ye for me, I am afraid that Han Dongmin would have been ruined?”
After so many dc4a5426 years, it is the first time that Han Shaojie heard his father praise him so much.
No one knows how happy and excited Han Shaojie is at this time. The sense of gain and pride, the feeling of finally being recognized by his father, is more precious to Han Shaojie than the rough stone expelling the emperor green!
“Shaojie, work hard. In a few days I will ask Xiao Liu to send a few books over. Take a good look and prepare for the exam.”
“I have an opportunity here. As long as you pass the exam, I can let you go. Help you formally enter the official career.”
“Behave well, I hope that in the future, Han Dongmin can proudly tell everyone that you, Han Shaojie, are my son Han Dongmin!”
Han Dongmin patted his son on the shoulder and said in a deep voice.
At that moment, Han Shaojie’s eyebrows turned red.
This time, Han Shaojie really felt his father’s infinite expectation and strong fatherly love for him.
It is said that father love is like a mountain!
Perhaps this kind of feeling will not be as obvious and gentle as maternal love. But the weight and intensity are not weaker than any sincere emotion in the world.
“Dad, I will work hard.”
“The son will never shame you!”
Under the moonlit night, Han Shaojie clenched his palms, his eyebrows were full of firmness.
Today, Shen Fei has entered the management of the Shen Group, and is no longer a idle boy like before. He has officially started his own business and is preparing for the future of Shen’s 900 million mantle.

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