A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 611

The night in Yunzhou is as cool as water.
On the streets, there are heavy traffic and pedestrians.
Lehua BBQ City is noisy.
Nearly twenty burly men, holding clubs, under the leadership of the black-clothed man, like a wild horse running off the rein, rushed forward like crazy.
At the wine table, Ye Fan, who had been drinking tea peacefully, glanced at the corner of his mouth, his expression suddenly sharp.
The next moment, just listen to a whistle.
Ye Fan’s body was like a phantom, and suddenly it flashed out.
Severely kicked, but with a thunderous force, he kicked out toward the front. The place where Ye Fan’s leg was pointed was the leader of these people, the arrogant black man before.
“Why so fast?”
The black-clothed man was immediately shocked, but Ye Fan’s speed was seriously beyond his expectations. First URL m.
The black-clothed man was shocked, he couldn’t take care of that much, and the iron rod in his hand slammed Ye Fan’s head fiercely.
There was only a loud noise, and the clubs and feet collided.
Who could have imagined that the iron rod in the hands of the black-clothed man would break at once.
Moreover, after Ye Fan broke the black man’s iron rod, his remaining power remained undiminished, and he turned and ran straight to the black man’s chest.
There was another loud noise. Under Ye Fan’s explosive kick, the black-clothed man screamed. The next moment, the body of several hundred jin flew out like a cannonball.
The huge force wrapped around the body of the black-clothed man, slammed through the front windshield of the van behind him with a bang, and flew out from the rear windshield with another bang.
The hard tempered glass was broken into slag.
Between the countless glass slags, the black-clothed man fell heavily, vomiting a mouthful of blood, and fell to the ground screaming and moaning.
“Big Brother!”
“Bad son, dare to hurt our big brother?”
“Go to hell~”
Seeing their eldest brother was kicked to death by Ye Fan, the eyes of these burly men turned red at the time.
They roared angrily, howled, and rushed towards Ye Fan with sticks in their hands!
That violent momentum, just like the surging river, rolling in. And like a thousand horses, rushing to kill.
It’s just that Ye Fan is the only one who wants to be cut!
“Brother Ye Fan, hurry up and hide~”
Seeing such a scene, Lu Wenjing behind him yelled in fright, because of worry, tears stayed out immediately.
“It looks like it’s over~”
Brother Long and others on the side shook their heads and sneered when they saw such a scene. While watching, he found a place to sit down, dropped a glass of wine for himself, and watched the end of this farce from a distance.
As the saying goes, two fists are hard to beat four hands!
In the eyes of everyone onlookers at this time, in the face of dozens of big men’s beatings, Ye Fan could not have any chance of comeback.
However, just as Lu Wenjing was crying and crying, and when Long Ge and others looked on coldly, Ye Fan’s thin body suddenly jumped up under the moonlit night, like a swallow.
A beautiful side spin kick, with long legs like a spear sweeping all over.
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang ~
Amid a low muffled sound, everyone saw that Ye Fan swept all by himself, and a dozen big men all flew out in a circle.
After Ye Fan finally landed, he slammed another punch. Another big man was instantly knocked off by Ye Fan, knocking over seven or eight men along the way.
In the blink of an eye, all ten or twenty men were knocked down by Ye Fan, lying on the ground like a dog, groaning.
A few minutes ago, everyone who was still full of fierce eyes was withered at this moment.
Just two legs, one punch.
Nearly twenty big guys, all down!
At this moment, the audience was dead.

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