A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 612

The crowd onlookers in the distance were even more stunned.
The flower-armed man widened his eyes, and Long Ge, who was originally sitting on the mountain watching the tiger fight, gave a squeak, and jumped directly from the seat in shock, and a pair of eyeballs almost jumped out.
Dozens of guys?
Three seconds, all down?
The iron rods are all kicked off?
“I’m going to special!”
“This…. Is this superman?”
“My day, I dare not act like this in a movie?”
Brother Long was completely scared to pee. He looked at this scene in disbelief, his legs could not be restrained, and the back of his spine was full of cold sweat.
Brother Long and the others never thought, who thought that a weak brat would ever want to fight so fiercely?
One person, single-handedly brought down more than twenty men with bare hands. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The key is still one-sided madness!
A punch with both legs swept directly.
The steel pipes are all kicked off!
Back then, Zhang Yide fought against the Wanjun on Changbanpo alone.
Before, a few of them were still thinking about doing something with Ye Fan, now think about it, they are simply looking for death!
Fortunately, they didn’t rush to do anything, otherwise, it was their brothers who were lying on the ground and groaning.
At this time, the entire Lehua BBQ restaurant was quiet.
Only the sound of everyone’s air-conditioning reverberated like a windmill.
Obviously, everyone present was shocked by Ye Fan’s powerful wrist.
too strong!
This young man is too fierce!
What is awesome?
This is awesome!
One person, single against a group.
A whirlwind leg, directly kick a dozen!
I don’t know, I thought I was making a movie.
“Brother Ye Fan, fight… win… win?”
Everyone was shocked, the little loli Lu Wenjing, who was so scared that she closed her eyes just now, didn’t dare to look. After noticing that there was no movement, she slowly opened her eyes.
He thought that what he saw would be Ye Fan falling to the ground and groaning.
However, when he opened his eyes, Lu Wenjing was obviously stunned.
“Even… unexpectedly, fight… won?”
Lu Wenjing looked panicked, her beautiful eyes were huge, and there were still tears on her immature pretty face. He watched the scene before him, but said idiotically.
But after putting down the mob, Ye Fan looked back at the dining table behind him, and he was relieved to see the skewers on the table safe and sound.
Fortunately, the skewers I brought to my wife were fine.
After a sigh of relief, Ye Fan walked forward slowly.
Finally, he stopped in front of the leading man in black.
Seeing Ye Fan again, the black man in front of him was undoubtedly completely shocked. Enduring the severe pain in his body, he lay down on the ground and begged sadly: “Da…Master, forgive… Forgive, forgive… Forgive~”
The man in black is really scared.
c4cfef7d is too strong!
The man in front of him is too strong.
When the steel pipe in his hand was kicked off by Ye Fan, his guts had already been frightened.
If he had known that Master Ye was so fierce, he would have killed him and would not take the job.
Ignoring the pleading of the man in black, Ye Fan just stood with his hands behind.
He is condescending, his eyes are cold.
The indifferent voice, like the echo of death, quietly sounded here in the world.
“Take out the phone, give it to the person behind you, and call it.”
The cold wind blows three thousand fallen leaves.
Ye Fanbing’s cold and indifferent voice made the man in black, his whole body shiver unconsciously.

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