A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 62

“Yes, it must be so!”
“If you don’t believe me, when Mr. Shen comes back for a while, you will definitely find that Ye Fan and the others are fakes. They will definitely come out and apologize to my family Wenfei and invite us in.”
At first, Wang Qiaoyu was just a guess, but as she spoke, she believed it more and more.
“Yes, it must be the bitch woman Qiu Mucheng, who used my name.”
“Otherwise, how can she make so many people respect and worship?”
“And that Ye Fan is even more hateful. He is such a countryman with the surname Ye, who dares to take my husband’s name and call himself Mr. Chu?”
“Damn, what a shame!”
Qiu Muying also cursed viciously from the side.
However, Mr. Qiu and others did not speak. Although Wang Qiaoyu’s guess was not unreasonable, the guess was only a guess after all. Unless it is like what Wang Qiaoyu said, Shen Jiuyi will come to apologize and invite them in, otherwise, this guess is really hard to convince people.
“Go back.” The starting website m.
“It’s not shameful enough to wait here with a dead skinny face.”
After Ye Fan and the two entered, Mr. Qiu and others waited here for a while. Passers-by looked strangely at them. In the end, Mr. Qiu felt that he couldn’t afford this person anymore, but he was ready to leave.
“Hey, don’t go~”
Wang Qiaoyu was not reconciled and had to wait until Shen Jiuyi came back. After all, if they went back like this, wouldn’t the face of their fourth family be lost.
But the others obviously had no patience, and they all followed the old man to prepare to leave.
“Grandpa Autumn, don’t leave~”
But at this moment, a call came from behind him, and Shen Fei ran over with sweat and apologize.
“Hey, Grandpa Qiu, since it’s here, there is no reason to go.”
“And Mu Ying, you said you too, how many years have we been in friendship, why didn’t you tell me when you came to bfa05908?”
When Qiu Muying heard this, she almost died out of breath.
Dare to love Master Shen you didn’t see me when you came out just now!
However, this is indeed the case. At that time, Shen Fei was patronizing to greet Ye Fan. At that time, Chu Wenfei kept pretending to be in Shen Fei’s ear that he was Mr. Chu, the son of Chu Yang, a descendant of a third-rate family, and Shen Fei knew a fart. Naturally ignored.
“Quick, please inside.”
“You are all relatives of Mr. Chu, and like Mr. Chu, you are also the distinguished guests of my Yunjing Hotel. I feel too sorry to have you wait so long.”
Shen Fei laughed, full of apologies.
When Wang Qiaoyu heard this, he was also happy at the time, and turned his head to look at the Qiu family triumphantly.
“Well, I guessed it, that slapstick is the name of my son-in-law who replaced him.”
“Furthermore, Shen Dashao said that we are Wen Fei’s relatives, and we are also distinguished guests.”
Wang Qiaoyu smiled wanton, and suddenly walked harder.
Now that the wind is turning around, Chu Wenfei, who lost his face just now, undoubtedly once again assumed that majestic and unhappy look at this moment.
“Shen Fei, what you did just now was very wrong, do you know?”
“Is this the way of hospitality?”
“This is also me. If my father was so cold, he would have been furious, you know?”
Chu Wenfei was teaching, and he faced Shen Fei with a critical tone.
“Yes, yes, we did not do the right thing just now.” Shen Fei smiled and laughed, but in his heart it was his mother who was selling criticism.
A pheasant descendant of a third-rate family, dare to pretend to be forced in front of him?
If it weren’t for Mr. Chu’s face, Shen Fei would have just kicked it.
But after all, the other party was Ye Fan’s relative, and Shen Fei naturally didn’t dare to offend him, and the apologetic smile also led Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying into the hall.
However, even so, Qiu Muying was still a little unhappy. She asked Shen Fei: “Where are the waiters just now? Why didn’t they come out and welcome us?”
“There are also the leaders of Yunjing Hotel, why don’t you come over and apologize to us?”
When Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan entered the hotel earlier, how many people were welcoming and respectful, it can be described as the limelight. But now that they were entering the hotel, only Shen Fei came to lead them, and Qiu Muying was of course dissatisfied.
“Could it be that Wen Fei and I are no match for Qiu Mucheng and the others?”
Qiu Muying’s eyes were full of displeasure.
“My daughter is right, Master Shen, we are the distinguished guests. This pomp can’t be bad.”
Wang Qiaoyu was also very vain. Hearing what his daughter said, he also realized that the pomp was not enough, so he agreed.

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