A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 622

Anyway, after she came home from the company today, her parents became like this.
The eldest son-in-law is short, and they are very kind.
I don’t know, I thought Ye Fan was their son.
However, although it is not clear why his parents’ attitude towards Ye Fan has undergone such a big change, at least, this scene has always been what Qiu Mucheng expected to see.
In the future, if her parents always treat Ye Fan as they do now, then Qiu Mucheng will not feel as guilty as before to Ye Fan.
“Xiao Fan, from the first glance we saw you, we knew that you, as a person, will have great prospects and accomplishments in the future.”
“How about now, let’s get it right.”
“Even the deputy mayor of Yunzhou calls you a brother. I think in the future, who else will look down on our family?”
“Xiao Fan, our husband and wife rarely praised you before, but today, we must admit that Mucheng’s ability to marry you is the blessing of my family’s eight lifetimes.” Remember to read a book for one second http://m
“This bottle of Moutai has been cherished by your dad for many years, and I haven’t been willing to drink it.”
“Happy tonight, our husband and wife, we will use this wine to toast our good son-in-law.”
“We won’t mention the previous things. From now on, we will always be a family that loves each other.”
At the dining table, Han Li and his wife were smiling, their eyes looking at Ye Fan were full of joy, and the smiles were full of praise and satisfaction for Ye Fan.
It was the first time in so many years that Ye Fan was flattered to hear the couple praise themselves so much.
Could it be that after today, Ye Fan’s situation at home really wants to change?
Ye Fan, could he really become a son-in-law and become the master?
Thinking of this, Ye Fan was also slightly happy.
But to be honest, the bitter mother-in-law suddenly became so good, and Ye Fan was really not used to it.
But now I can’t help Ye Fan get used to it. Now his mother-in-law is toasting herself, Ye Fan is naturally overjoyed, and immediately picks up the wine glass and touches Han Li and his wife.
“Okay, Mom.”
“Usually Mucheng doesn’t let me drink, but I have to drink this glass of wine today.”
Ye Fan laughed haha.
For so many years, it is rare for this family to sit down and eat a meal happily. Ye Fan was very happy, and Qiu Mucheng felt warm.
At this moment, she finally felt the warmth of home.
After eating and drinking, Han Li suddenly smiled and looked at Ye Fan with joy: “Sir, have you eaten?”
“Well, eat well.” Ye Fan nodded.
“Drink it too?” Han Li asked again.
Ye Fan continued to nod his head: “Well, drink it well.”
Han Li smiled and continued: “My son-in-law, since we are full of food and drink Moutai, my parents are asking you for a little thing. Can you help me?”
Ye Fan readily agreed: “Mom, you can say that you are Mucheng’s biological mother, that is, my biological mother. As long as I can do it, I must be duty-bound.”
“Okay, I can rest assured that you have a son-in-law.” Han Li was immediately happier, and then pouring Ye Fan a glass of water diligently, and continued, “Xiao Fan, look at your relationship with Mayor Han Friends, you are so familiar again. Could you please tell Mayor Han and ask him to find a job for your dad Qiulei.”
“Your dad is less than fifty years old this year. It’s not a good idea to be idle all day. It’s better to let him go out to work and make some money.”
“You know Han Shi so well, if you talk, he will definitely help.”
“You tell Han Shi that he doesn’t need to be an official of your dad’s age. He has limited ability. If the county mayor and mayor give him the job, he can’t be. Just let him stay alive and be the director.”
“Isn’t Hanshi in charge of industry and commerce? I think it would be more appropriate for your dad to be the director of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. In it, can you take care of Mucheng’s company?”
When Han Li said this, Qiu Mucheng was still drinking tea. After listening, Qiu Mucheng squirted out without holding back a sip of water, coughing all over her body.

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