A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 638

Han Li and Qiu Mucheng’s mother and daughter were about to go downstairs, and when they saw Ye Fan followed out, Han Li was immediately angry and sternly reprimanded.
“Mom, why are you doing this? Ye Fan said it’s my husband, shouldn’t he go down to welcome him?”
Seeing Qiu Mucheng and Han Li quarreling again, Ye Fan grabbed Qiu Mucheng.
“Mucheng, it’s okay. Go down to meet you. I won’t go. The food is not ready yet, and the kitchen is indeed inseparable from people.”
Now the guests are coming soon, there is no need to let their mother and daughter quarrel again because of themselves.
In the end, Ye Fan did not go down, but Qiu Mucheng’s family of three went to the door to greet him.
And Lu Wenjing did not go out, staying with Ye Fan at home.
Within a short while, there was a rustling footstep in the corridor, and it was obvious that Han Li and the others had returned.
“Her uncle, please come in and sit inside.”
“Mucheng, hurry up and pour a cup of tea for your uncle.”
“Yes, that’s Maojian tea.” The first website m.
“I specially prepared it for your uncle. How about one thousand and one catty?”
As soon as I walked in, I heard Han Li’s flattering voice.
The key point is that her flattering words are exactly the same as what she said to Ye Fan yesterday.
“You are welcome, I will leave in a while.”
“Quietly, where is she, why didn’t I see her?” Han Li saw a middle-aged man standing in front of her. Wearing a suit and wearing a Rolex gold watch on his wrist, he is completely dressed up as a business elite.
Speaking at this time, it was also clean, and asked where Jingjing was.
“Dad.” As soon as Lu Mingze’s words fell, a girl in the kitchen ran out and threw herself into the man’s arms while shouting.
“Quietly, I don’t think Dad has it.” Lu Mingze asked indulgently while holding his daughter.
“Yeah.” Lu Wen nodded silently, and then took his father to the kitchen.
“Dad, let me introduce you to someone who is Ye Fan’s brother. These days, Ye Fan’s brother has been playing with me, who is sister Qiu’s husband.”
When Ye Fan saw Lu Mingze, he also politely shouted “Uncle”.
“You’re Ye Fan? Mucheng’s country husband?” Lu Mingze didn’t agree. He just looked at the young man wearing an apron in the kitchen, raised his brows, and asked in a deep voice.
But the contempt in the words was very clear.
“Well, the first time I met, I didn’t expect my uncle to know me.” Ye Fan also replied casually.
“That’s not right. You Ye Fan’s name, a relative of the Qiu family, probably no one doesn’t know it.” Lu Mingze replied coldly, but he didn’t seem to be interested in continuing to talk with Ye Fan.
After all, who would pay attention to a poor door-to-door son-in-law?
Therefore, Lu Mingze ignored Ye Fan, turned his head and returned to the living room.
“What are you doing here? Why don’t you go cook?” Han Li seemed to be afraid that Ye Fan would be ashamed of her here, so she urged Ye Fan to go back to the kitchen to cook.
Ye Fan said that there was no more food at home, so he went out to buy some food, and then he opened the door and went out.
After Ye Fan left, Han Li and his wife wanted to leave Lu Mingze after dinner, but Lu Mingze refused.
“No need. There are still things in my company, I have to go back soon.”
“That’s it, I’ll take Jingjing and leave first.”
Within five minutes of Lu Mingze’s arrival, he got up and took Lu Wenjing to leave. Those cold and blunt words, but there is no enthusiasm among relatives.
From beginning to end, Lu Mingze’s tone was filled with a kind of majesty.
Since I came here, I haven’t even smiled to Qiu Mucheng’s family. He smiled when he saw his daughter quietly.
But Han Li and the others didn’t think too much about it. Maybe this kind of leader is cold and majestic.
When she left, Qiu Mucheng handed Lu Mingze another invitation letter.
“Uncle, in a few days, the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate. My niece hopes that my uncle will be able to come by then.” Qiu Mucheng said to Lu Mingze expectantly.
Qiu Mucheng heard from her mother that his uncle was also a big figure in Jingzhou’s business community. If he could be invited, then the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate would not be too unbearable. At least a few important business leaders came to shake the scene.
Lu Mingze lowered his head and took a look, then he actually handed the invitation back to Qiu Mucheng, and said in a deep voice, “Is that the opening ceremony? I know, I will send someone to represent me when that happens.”
“As for the invitation, you don’t have to send it to me. I have enough documents around me, and you and I have no place to put it.”
“Well, you don’t have to send it. I’ll go back soon.”
Lu Mingze said in a deep voice to Qiu Mucheng and the others. From beginning to end, he was indifferent and cold.
Talking to Qiu Mucheng’s family is like talking to subordinates in the company.

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