A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 637

“Big guy?” The little girl was stunned and asked in a low voice.
Ye Fan nodded.
“Let all the powerful and powerful in Jiangdong be in awe?” Lu Wenjing continued to ask, seeming to be a little puzzled.
Ye Fan nodded again, sighed, and said helplessly: “Quietly, I actually want to keep a low profile, but seeing you are so worried, I have no choice but to confess.”
Lu Wenjing: “So you are telling me that you are… Monkey King?”
Ye Fan: “…”
Ye Fan smoked an old face at the time, he didn’t know how this little girl would think so.
Could it be that Sun Wukong is the most awe-inspiring figure in her world?
However, before Ye Fan could speak, Lu Wenjing was already puffing his cheeks, with full marks of anger, and hummed at Ye Fan: “Huh, Ye Fan, I’m telling you business, but you are here. Just kidding me.”
“Do you really think that if you say you have glaring eyes, I will believe it?”
“You said you were Monkey King, would I believe it?” Remember to read a book in one second
“I really want to help you, but you 7871ee57…”
“I’m so angry~”
At this time, the little girl’s pretty face was flushed with anger by Ye Fan, and she waved her fist and spoke to Ye Fan angrily.
Of course she wouldn’t believe in the nonsense that Ye Fan said.
If Ye Fan is a big man, is his sister Qiu so hard?
If Ye Fan is a big man, their family will be swept out by grandpa?
Her uncle and aunt would not look down on Ye Fan so much, would they?
Although Lu Wenjing is young, she can still understand some of the most basic truths.
Now that she wanted to help Ye Fan with good intentions, Lu Wenjing did not expect that Ye Fan not only didn’t appreciate it, but also made up these lies to fool herself, of course the little girl felt angry.
When Ye Fan heard it now, it was a surprise.
Dare to love this little girl movie, always thinking that he is joking with her, teasing her.
Ye Fan suddenly smiled bitterly.
Yes, no one believes the truth?
If you don’t believe it, don’t believe it.
But Ye Fan would definitely not go there in Jingzhou.
Not to mention how could Ye Fan condescend to be a bodyguard, because of his wife, Ye Fan could not go to Jingzhou.
How can a husband not guard his wife?
Therefore, Lu Wenjing finally failed to persuade Ye Fan.
Seeing the sunset in the west, the day passed quickly. In the evening, Ye Fan also took Lu Wenjing home.
After all, Lu Wenjing’s father will take her home tonight. Of course, Ye Fan can’t take her out to play too late.
Back home, Ye Fan found that Qiu Mucheng had gone home from get off work. For a workaholic like Qiu Mucheng who works late every day, it is incredible to be home at five or six o’clock.
Ye Fan guessed it was because Lu Wenjing was leaving, so she came home so early today.
At this time, Han Li and his wife answered a call, put down their mobile phones and began to urge Qiu Mucheng: “Quickly, Mucheng, your uncle is already downstairs. Let’s go downstairs to meet him.”
Qiu Mucheng nodded, and after cleaning up her appearance, she went down with her mother.
“You are a waste, what are you doing out?”
“Are you ashamed to go out?”
“Just cook honestly at home.”
“Tonight’s food is a little more plentiful. Mucheng’s uncle is coming to our house for the first time, so she must entertain me.”

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