A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 64

Ye Fan wanted to say something, but was held back by Qiu Mucheng: “Yes, Grandpa.”
Qiu Mucheng honestly pulled Ye Fan back from the position of the guest of honor.
“Wen Fei, sit there with Mu Ying. After all, you are the protagonists today.”
After all, Old Man Qiu was so mature, and soon arranged everyone to be seated according to seniority. Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan naturally sat in the most extreme position.
“Mr. Chu, you have been waiting for a long time.”
Not long after everyone sat down, Shen Fei walked in. Suddenly seeing so many people sitting in front of me, I was stunned.
“Shen Shao is here, haha, hurry up, take a seat. I have reserved the seat for you, right next to my house Wenfei.” Wang Qiaoyu was also much more honest at this time.
Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying also had warm smiles on their faces and invited Shen Fei to sit down beside them.
“Ha, ha ha, you are all here.” Shen Fei barely put on a smile, he laughed, but in his heart he hated this family very much, but Mr. Chu is here, he can’t help his relatives face, simply Just sat down beside Chu Wenfei.
“Shen Shao, let me tell you, today you have a dinner with President Shen to apologize to us. It’s really unnecessary. It’s all misunderstandings. If the misunderstanding is resolved, it will naturally be fine. We won’t mind, my family Wenfei will Don’t mind. Isn’t it, Wen Fei?”
After Shen Fei took his seat, Wang Qiaoyu tweeted non-stop, not leaving my home Wen Fei, my home is surplus. Remember to read in one second
Shen Fei just smiled perfunctorily. After Wang Qiaoyu said that he was tired, Shen Fei found the opportunity and immediately raised his glass: “Mr. Chu, I was the one who didn’t know Taishan before, and I offended you. This glass of wine, I Shen Fei respect you To apologize.”
Shen Fei immediately got up, held up the wine glass, and touched it in Ye Fan’s direction.
However, who would have thought that Ye Fan hadn’t raised his glass yet, but Chu Wenfei stood up with a smile on his face, and raised his glass and touched Shen Fei.
“Where is Shao Shen?”
“I’ve said everything, nothing happened. The misunderstandings are all resolved, there is nothing to apologize or not.”
“Come, don’t say much, drink.”
Chu Wenfei laughed and drank it.
“Wen Fei deserves to be born in a wealthy family, just refreshing.” Everyone in the Qiu family exclaimed.
At this time, Wang Qiaoyu also only felt exuberant and full of face. Qiu Muying glanced at Qiu Mucheng in the corner triumphantly.
“Huh, Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, did you see it? This is my husband, and the prince of the Shen family personally toasts and apologizes. Ye Fan’s uselessness, what can he compare with our husband? And you are only envious.”
Wang Qiaoyu’s family was very proud, but Shen Fei’s expression was a bit ugly.
“Why, Young Master Shen? Why don’t you drink it?” Chu Wenfei put down the wine glass, and saw that Shen Fei was still standing there holding the wine.
Shen Fei smiled: “Drink, drink.”
No way, this wine that I’ve touched, naturally can’t respect Ye Fan anymore. Shen Fei can only
I drank it myself.
“Haha, Shen Shao is also refreshed.”
“Come on, eat food, eat food.”
“Everyone, don’t be outside.” Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying greeted everyone, as if they were the hostess of this table.
After a while, Shen Fei was filled with wine again, stood up, and respected Ye Fan: “Mr. Chu, a thousand apologies, all kinds of guilt, all in the cup. I respect you and Madam Chu for this glass of wine.”
“Haha~ Brother Shen is polite, Brother Shen is too polite.”
As soon as Shen Fei’s words fell, Chu Wenfei picked up his wine glass and ran into Shen Fei with a snap.
The crisp sound made the muddy wine in the glass ripples.
I am next door to the Nima!
Shen Fei’s face turned black at the time.
Good day, I respect you?
You are such a terrapin, where is the qualification to let Shao Ben toast you?
Are you really good for you?
Shen Fei cursed wildly in his heart.
“Yingying, what are you doing in a daze, Brother Shen respects us, why don’t you come over and touch it?” Chu Wenfei urged.
Qiu Mu was pleasantly surprised, and quickly got up and stood up and picked up the wine glass and touched Shen Fei. Both the couple drank in one go.
Shen Fei couldn’t help but drank it with a ginger face.
“Father, how about it? Your fourth granddaughter and fourth son-in-law will fight for you, right?”
“At the wine table of Nuo Da, the young master of the Shen family only respected him. What does this mean? It means that we respect Wen Fei and the two of them.” Wang Qiaoyu was proud to show off like the old man Qiu.
Father Qiu’s old face turned into honey with a smile, and he nodded his head: “It’s good to fight for the face. This shows that the next generation of my Qiu family has someone to succeed.”
For a moment, the people all over the table laughed. Everyone in the Qiu family looked at Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying with envy and jealousy.
At this time, while everyone was chatting, Shen Fei stood up again, and toasted like Ye Fan: “Mr. Chu, this glass of wine, I represent the Shen family, to you~”
With a crisp sound, Chu Wenfei quickly picked up the wine glass and ran into Shen Fei.
“Brother Shen, I didn’t expect you to be so polite, you see you always respect me, I’m a little embarrassed.” Chu Wenfei laughed and screamed, and Shen Wenfei became bored with a glass of wine. His face was red, but his heart was mad.
The Shen family respected him three times in a row. What is this? This is especially respect for himself, respect for himself.
Feeling the enviable gaze of everyone in the Qiu family, Chu Wenfei’s heart was very refreshing. Is this a feeling of pretense?
“My time!”
And Shen Fei was almost crying at that time, his face turned black into pig liver, and 10,000 horses galloped past in his heart. There was a curse in my heart.
I respect you so much? ! !

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