A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 65

In a short period of time, Chu Wenfei drank three consecutive cups, and at this moment his face a2d819ff was a little red. On the side, Shen Fei had an ugly face, and he wished to kick the idiot Chu Wenfei to death.
And when Shen Fei was depressed, Ye Fan, who had been watching from the side, shook his head and smiled. Then he held up a cup of tea and smiled at Shen Fei: “Today’s banquet, your Shen family is really interested, enough to see Your sincerity. That being the case, I won’t hold you accountable for your previous offenses against Mucheng. But remember, this is not an example.”
“I don’t drink often, Mucheng doesn’t like it. Today, I will drink tea instead of wine with you, right?”
The sudden words of Ye Fan startled Qiu Mucheng aside.
Qiu Mucheng hurriedly poked at him, and sullenly said: “Ye Fan, you are crazy, what is the limelight at this time?”
The rest of the Qiu family was also stunned. For a moment, everyone in the Qiu family looked at Ye Fan like an idiot. Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying both laughed so much that their stomachs hurt, and their eyes were full of sarcasm.
“Ye Fan, are you a shameless pen?”
“You still have the heart? Don’t pursue it? You are a son-in-law, how can you have the confidence to say this to Shen Dashao?”
“I don’t know if you thought today’s banquet was for you?”
“Also use tea instead of wine to accompany Shen Shao for a drink? You a mean son-in-law, do you deserve it?”
Wang Qiaoyu only found it ridiculous, as if he had seen the biggest joke in the world.
Qiu Muying also sneered and scorned: “It’s ridiculous!”
“My Wen Fei hasn’t spoken yet, you trash, are you pretending to be forced?”
“Don’t take a piss and take a picture of yourself? You and Shen Shao drink, do people want to drink with you?”
Everyone in the Qiu family scolded Ye Fan for a while, and the old man Qiu also wrinkled his old face, and shouted coldly: “I don’t know the etiquette, is this your place of nonsense, please apologize to the young master Shen family!”
Her husband suddenly did this, which made Qiu Mucheng embarrassed. While urging Ye Fan to apologize, she said to Shen Fei apologetically: “Master Shen, I’m sorry, don’t be angry. I’ll let him talk to you. apologize.”
“Mucheng, it was them who apologized today, why do you and I apologize?” Ye Fan still smiled faintly.
“I can go to Nima!”
“Are you an idiot?”
“Shen Shao is still pretending to be here, we shouldn’t have brought you here!” Hearing what Ye Fan said, everyone in the Qiu family was almost frightened and scolded.
Qiu Mucheng was flushed with anxious eyes, and kept urging Ye Fan to apologize quickly.
However, when everyone at the table was scolding Ye Fan, who could have imagined that Shen Fei, who was still sitting just now, quickly raised his glass and replied flatteredly to Ye Fan: “Haha~”
“It is my honor to clink glasses with Mr.!”
“Thank you, Mr. Sir, for the large number of people, this glass of wine, I will do it first!”
Shen Fei’s tone was humble like the eunuch beside the emperor, so respectful and respectful.
Wang Qiaoyu stayed at that time, Qiu Muying’s sarcasm and laughter also stagnated for an instant, and the entire Qiu family was stunned.
“What the hell is this?”
“Shen Shaozhen drank with him?”
“And still flattered?”
Qiu Muying and the others only felt that their heads were not enough. Wang Qiaoyu stared at him and said to Shen Fei quickly: “Shen Shao, what are you drinking with him? He is the son-in-law of my Qiu family. He is humble. How can he be qualified to make you toast?”
“Presumptuous, Mr. Chu’s golden body, how dare you insult?!” Shen Fei slapped the table and immediately shouted, making Wang Qiaoyu pale with fright.
For a while, everyone in the Qiu family was stunned.
Mr. Chu?
Golden body?
Could it be…

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