A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 640

It is estimated that anyone who is treated like d201f279 by their relatives will feel uncomfortable.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng remembered the time when Qiu Muying was engaged to Chu Wenfei. Just like now, her fifth sister, Qiu Muhong, was respected and loved. Before getting off the bus, the entire Qiu family went to greet her.
However, no one cares about their family. In the end, Qiu Muying’s mother and daughter were driven out of the sofa, and they were not even allowed to sit.
No one can appreciate the sadness of Qiu Mucheng at that time.
That kind of humiliation, like a sword, penetrated deeply into her heart.
Qiu Mucheng felt that she would never forget the scene of that day!
This is why Qiu Mucheng will work so hard.
Just because she didn’t want to bear this humiliation anymore, she didn’t want to be looked down upon.
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng secretly clenched her palms, her eyebrows full of firmness.
“Uncle, one day, my Qiu Mucheng will make you look different.”
“At that time, I will not invite you, but you will beg me to come to my Mufan real estate!” Remember to read for a second
“Not only you, but also grandpa, uncle, and everyone in the Qiu family, I will let you regret the decision to drive me out of the Qiu family.”
Lu Mingze’s arrival, as if a heart booster penetrated into Qiu Mucheng’s body, it undoubtedly aroused Qiu Mucheng’s fighting spirit completely, and he devoted himself to work with a more high-spirited attitude.
People are alive, isn’t it just to fight for a breath?
Qiu Mucheng wanted to fight back this tone in front of the Qiu family!
It was night, and the lights were on.
Lu Mingze drove the car slowly on the streets of Yunzhou, little Lori Lu Wen sat quietly, but at this moment she looked at her father with a little dissatisfaction: “Dad, my sister Qiu’s invitation to you, you Why not accept it?”
Lu Mingze shook his head and smiled, “I won’t go, why should I take it?”
“What? Dad, are you really not going? My sister Qiu personally invited you?” Lu Wenjing was surprised.
Lu Mingze said indifferently, “Your father is busy with work, so how can you run so far to attend the opening ceremony of a small broken company. Moreover, your sister Qiu married a door-to-door son-in-law. Whether the company can survive for three months is not certain. Why should I waste time giving a scene of a company that is going to fail sooner or later?
Although Qiu Mucheng didn’t say it clearly, Lu Mingze could guess Qiu Mucheng’s intentions.
She invited him over, nothing more than to show him the town scene.
“But your sister Qiu didn’t want to think about it. A small company with unknown name wanted to invite me to the platform. Do they have this qualification?”
“How did Lu Mingze say that I am also a face-to-face figure in the business world. If I let others know, I go to the platform for a wife who is a door-to-door son-in-law, and I won’t be laughed at?
“Quiet, your father’s face is not so worthless.”
Lu Mingze said lightly, the contempt and contempt in the words was undoubtedly very clear.
But Lu Wenjing on the side listened, but he was almost to death.
“Dad, you look down on my sister Qiu.”
“Hmph, just wait. Now you are ignorant of others. In the future, my sister Qiu will not allow you to climb high.” Lu Wenjing said angrily.
Lu Mingze shook his head and smiled: “If you don’t speak peaches and plums, the next thing is a tragic one.”
“If you want people to be admirable, you must first have the ability.”
“The husband who is married is a useless person. Sister Qiu, you are probably also incompetent.”
Lu Mingze said lightly, and when Lu Wenjing heard this, he became even more angry at the time, like a blown up kitten, staring at his father angrily: “Dad, I don’t allow you to say that to my brother Ye Fan.”
“My brother Ye Fan is amazing?”
“If he wants, he can beat you to death with one punch!”
Lu Mingze was so angry that his old face went black immediately.
Is this still your own daughter?
Want to let others beat yourself to death?
Lu Mingze was so angry that he stretched out his hand and knocked on Lu Wenjing’s head: “You damn girl, dare to talk to your father like this?”
“He beat me to death, so you are happy?”
“I’m dead, who would even take the money to raise your “four-legged gold swallowing beast”?!”

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