A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 641

“Hmph, my brother Ye Fan raises me. Don’t care about it.”
Facing Lu Mingze’s words, Lu Wenjing turned her head angrily and hummed.
When Lu Mingze heard this, he was almost to be pissed off by his own asshole daughter.
Only a few days now?
Don’t even want to be your father!
Is it all her brother Ye Fan?
“What kind of ecstasy did your wife, that door-to-door son-in-law give you so that you are facing him like this?” Lu Mingze asked helplessly.
“Hmph, I ignore you, you are not my father, I don’t have such an unkind, snob father.”
Lu Wenjing’s face was obviously still angry with Lu Mingze, and he said to Lu Mingze angrily with his cheeks.
Lu Mingze was immediately amused by his daughter’s cute look angry.
He didn’t expect that his precious daughter would one day learn to be stunned with him as a father? First URL m.
No way, Lu Mingze could only coax her with a kind apology.
In this world, the most difficult thing is men.
Not to mention the hard work of making money outside and being controlled by the boss, even the two women who came back home can’t afford it.
No, now Lu Mingze is starting to say nice things to coax her baby girl.
Lu Wenjing paid attention to Lu Mingze after a long period of coaxing.
“Okay, good girl, my dad knows that I was wrong, and I won’t say that in the future…that’s your brother Ye Fan.” Lu Mingze apologized with a wry smile.
“Huh, it’s almost the same. But Dad, you can’t say bad things about my brother Ye Fan in the future, you have to help Ye Fan find a job.”
“My brother Ye Fan fought really hard. A lot of bad guys surrounded us that day, but we were knocked down by my brother Ye Fan with a few bangs.”
“I think you can hire my brother Ye Fan as a bodyguard, and give him tens of thousands of dollars a month.” Lu Wenjing said with a pretty face up, looking at Lu Mingze, repeatedly.
A pair of bright eyes was full of expectation.
When Lu Mingze heard this, he shook his head and sneered: “These words were made up by the brother Ye Fan in your mouth, right?”
“I knew that their family just wanted to get your mother’s light and let me find jobs for them.”
Lu Mingze said lightly, and the contempt in the words suddenly became stronger.
“Dad, it was not my brother Ye Fan who asked me to make up it, but I made it up on the initiative.”
“No, it’s not made up, it’s all true, I was there at the time.”
Lu Wenjing may be because of her stupid mouth, and she couldn’t explain it correctly, and her smile flushed immediately.
“I don’t care anyway, Dad, you must help my brother Ye Fan find a job.”
“Otherwise, I will never pay attention to you and will not talk to you for the rest of my life.”
Seeing that he couldn’t explain clearly, Lu Wenjing directly acted like a coquettish, and turned his head angrily with his little hand on his hips. If it was true, he would ignore Lu Mingze.
When Lu Mingze saw this, he couldn’t smile suddenly: “You Nizi, playing with your temper is as unreasonable as your mother.”
“Okay, can’t I agree to find him a job?”
“Really owed you both in the last life.”
“Call and ask him where he is. I will talk to him in person.”

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