A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 643

“Dad, didn’t you let Brother Ye Fan be your bodyguard? Why is it a security guard?”
Ye Fan hadn’t spoken yet, but Lu Wenjing was a little dissatisfied.
A salary of four thousand is too little, right?
She had praised Ye Fan for going to Haikou before, saying that she was 30,000 in January.
Lu Mingze glared at him, “You Nizi, don’t give me your waywardness anymore. Letting him be a security guard has violated my principles of dealing with things. As for other things, even if I let him do it, can he do it?”
Hearing that her father’s tone had become much harsher, Lu Wenjing didn’t dare to be willful anymore, her face drooping and nothing more.
But in my heart, I was thinking that the security should be the security. Let Ye Fan’s brother do something first, and then when her father is happy, find a way to change her Ye Fan’s brother to a better eabcfcf2 position.
“Okay, I don’t need to say more than thank you. I’m just looking for a job for you for the sake of my daughter’s face.” “Go back to pack up things and go to Jingzhou to work tomorrow.”
“I’m late, and this position is gone!”
Lu Mingze waved his hand and motioned to Ye Fan to go home and prepare.
However, Lu Mingze thought that Ye Fan would be grateful for a few words of flattery to him. Who would think that Ye Fan just smiled coldly. Remember to read in one second
“Why are you laughing?”
Lu Mingze frowned suddenly, Ye Fan’s laughter made him extremely unhappy.
Because, from this laughter, he heard a little sarcasm.
He is a son-in-law, what right does he have to laugh here?
“Nothing.” Ye Fan replied faintly, “I just want to say, thank my uncle for your kindness, but for the security guard, should you find someone else?”
“I won’t go, the uncle of Yishou because I violated his principles.”
“Well, that’s all I said, I have to go back to cook, so I won’t send you off.”
When the words fell, Ye Fan stopped staying, turning around without even looking at Lu Mingze.
Don’t say thank you to Lu Mingze, but he didn’t give him a good face.
“Brother Ye Fan, don’t leave~”
“Why do you refuse?”
“Aren’t you complaining about the low salary?”
“It’s all negotiable. I can ask my father to add more to you.”
Lu Wenjing was pulling Ye Fan, her beautiful eyes were red, not wanting Ye Fan to leave.
Ye Fan smiled and rubbed Lu Wenjing’s little head: “Quiet, obedient, go home with your father, I will visit you in Jingzhou when I have time.”
After speaking, Ye Fan didn’t stay anymore, and the thin back quickly left. No matter how Lu Wenjing called, the tough and thin figure never looked back.
“A door-to-door son-in-law, who has no abilities, and his heart is not small.”
“The salary of four thousand in January is still too small?”
“What does he want to do?”
“Do you want to go to heaven?”
“Don’t look at how many catties you are!”
“Sure enough, this man is poor for a reason.”
“It’s really mud that can’t support the wall, no wonder your grandfather expelled their family from the Qiu family.”
Lu Mingze was also in a very bad mood at this time when he was kind enough to find him a job, and even touched his nose. The more you look at Ye Fan, the more angry he gets.
This kind of ignorance of good and bad things, he should not find him a job.
Lu Mingze’s face was green, and he became more and more angry.
“Okay, don’t look at it.”
“What’s so good about a wimp?”
“Don’t come home with me yet!”
Lu Mingze landed quietly and was about to leave by car.
But who would have imagined that the little girl in front of her, who had no idea where she had strength, broke free of Lu Mingze’s arm and shouted angrily to Lu Mingze with tears.

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