A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 642

My daughter hadn’t asked for anything, and now it was the first time Lu Mingze saw her facing a person like this. Lu Mingze had no choice but to agree to his daughter’s request.
It just so happened that Lu Mingze wanted to see Ye Fan again. Although he had met once before, Lu Mingze didn’t look at Ye Fan very much at the time. When he met this time, he had to look at a lot of this person.
Look at what Ye Fan has the ability to fool his daughter around.
Soon, Lu Wenjing learned that Ye Fan was buying groceries at a nearby vegetable market, and she asked her father to follow the navigation to find it.
“Brother Ye Fan.”
Seeing Ye Fan, Lu Wenjing was immediately overjoyed and threw herself directly into Ye Fan’s arms. Ye Fan also rubbed the little head of the little girl in his arms with affection, and smiled with pity.
Seeing Lu Wenjing, Ye Fan would think of the little cousin who always followed Ye Fan like a stalker when he was in the Chu family.
It’s just that, ten years have passed, and the little cousin of the year is probably already pretty slim.
Therefore, because of this, Ye Fan has an almost instinctive intimacy towards Lu Wenjing.
What’s more, Lu Wenjing’s innocence and kindness also made Ye Fan very happy.
Even though it was only a few days, Ye Fan also liked this little cousin from his wife and aunt’s family. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Uncle, why are you leaving in such a hurry? I just bought this dish and I am going home to make it for you?”
After rubbing Lu Wenjing’s small head, Ye Fan looked at Lu Mingze and asked politely.
Lu Mingze did not answer Ye Fan’s question, but carefully looked at the man in front of him.
The hair is a bit messy and looks a bit sloppy.
The upper body is a white short sleeve, the bottom is a washed white jeans, and a pair of sneakers of unknown brand are worn on the feet.
Looking at Ye Fan’s dress, Lu Mingze, who has always been in the upper class, frowned.
“Dad, you talk, don’t you have something to tell Ye Fan brother?” Lu Wenjing didn’t care about this, but urged her father with expectation.
Lu Mingze ignored Ye Fan and asked coldly, “Is your family in the countryside?”
Ye Fan nodded.
“The elders in the family are all farmers?”
Ye Fan still nodded.
“Do you have a skill?”
“For example, can electric welding?”
Ye Fan shook his head.
“What about construction? Are carpenters and steel workers quit?” Lu Mingze continued to ask.
Ye Fan still shook his head.
“What about the excavator, will it turn on?” Lu Mingze frowned.
Ye Fan still shook his head.
“It really doesn’t work, where is the chef? The chef has always learned it, right?”
Ye Fan still shook his head.
Lu Mingze’s face suddenly sank, and he snorted a little displeased: “Then what can you do? Just your bones. I’m afraid that you can’t do it by moving bricks on the construction site?”
Lu Mingze was obviously a little angry.
What he despises most is undoubtedly this kind of mediocre person who has no good at all.
Without any abilities, what did you do for the first twenty years of your life, are they all abandoned?
In that case, what face do you have to ask my daughter to find you a job?
Lu Mingze was already impatient. If it weren’t for Ye Fan’s relatives, he would have turned his head and left.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, his face was expressionless.
But Lu Wenjing was anxious: “Dad, you promised me that you want to find a job for Ye Fan.”
Hearing his daughter’s nearly complaining words, Lu Mingze couldn’t help it, so he looked at Ye Fan and said coldly: “You should be lucky, you have my daughter’s favor.”
“Well, since you can’t do technical work, go to our company’s security department as a security guard.”
“All food and accommodation are in charge, and you will be exempted during the internship. I will provide you with a monthly salary of four thousand, five insurances and one housing fund.
“Don’t be too small. A security captain who has been working for six years is only paid for this salary. Otherwise, for a newcomer like you, at most two thousand and eight.
Lu Mingze said in a deep voice, his tone was like charity.

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