A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 645

The sudden sound caused everyone in the bus to scream in panic.
However, this vibration only lasted for a few seconds, and the bus soon stopped. The huge body lay across the road, and the tires rubbed against the ground leaving long black marks.
In the car, countless people looked around in panic.
“what happened?”
“what happened?”
“Have there been a car accident?”
The passengers in the car looked dazed, completely unaware of what happened.
But outside the bus, seven or eight cars drove over, directly surrounding the entire bus in a circle.
One of the vans even drove up and stopped the bus directly.
The roar just now was the sound of the collision between the van and the bus. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
At this time, someone in the van got off.
With a scar on his face, the leader was standing by the window with a cigarette in his mouth.
“Brother Dao, this is the car.”
“According to reports from his staff, the person Zhou Brother wants to deal with is in this car.”
At this time, the subordinate’s report came from beside him.
The Scar Man was not eager nor slow. After spitting out the smoke, he slowly said, “Well, in that case, let him come down.”
“it is good!”
Everyone is naturally unaware of the situation outside.
At this time, the passengers in the car, through the window, have already seen the dark crowd outside, holding knives, and black cars.
“Dad, what’s the matter?”
“Yes… Did you meet a bad guy?”
Lu Wenjing looked terrified.
When the other passengers in the car saw the knives, their faces were also pale.
It seems that he really encountered a road robbery.
At this time, there was an uproar in the bus. The frightened child was crying hoarsely, and the cowardly shrank into the seat with fear, shaking all over.
However, when everyone was panicked, there was a sharp anger from outside the bus: “That bastard named Ye Fan in the car, I know you are inside.”
“If you don’t want to die, just roll me out of the car. We went in without saving.”
The icy voice, but with a sharp chill, quietly exploded in the entire bus.
The ferocious tone scared the passengers in the car to miss their heartbeats. At that time, the car was dead and nobody dared to make a sound.
However, in a panic, the passengers in the car looked around in doubt and were obviously looking for who is Ye Fan.
At this time, Lu Mingze, the father and daughter, who heard the anger outside, seemed to have negotiated, and they all turned to look at Ye Fan.
“Ye Fan? You fellow, could it be that you caused trouble outside?” Lu Mingze asked in a deep voice.
His voice is not loud, but in the already silent bus, it is so vivid.
For a moment, all the passengers in the vehicle looked back at Ye Fan.
“He is Ye Fan?”
“It turned out to be a young man?”
“Who did you provoke?”
“We are all tired of you!”
After finding the righteous master, many passengers in the car complained one after another, but they turned all their panic into resentment and all vented to Ye Fan.
After all, if it weren’t for this Ye Fan, how could they encounter such a disaster?

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