A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 646

“say something!”
“Who did you provoke?”
Lu Mingze was also angry and angry, and asked Ye Fan coldly.
“Dare he speak?”
“The young people nowadays don’t have any responsibility at all, and they know that they are in trouble.” Inside the car, a little old man snorted coldly.
An aunt next to Ye Fan also persuaded Ye Fan: “Young man, listening to the aunt’s advice, it’s no way for you to hide in the car like this. If you don’t go down at this time, they will come up and take you down soon.”
“Listen to me, no matter how big your troubles are, get out of the car first and apologize to others. Be nice, maybe they will let you go.”
“Yes, what’s the use of just hiding here?”
“Let them wait in a hurry, I’m afraid you can’t bear the consequences even more.” Remember to read for a second
“Hurry up and get out of the car to apologize?”
“get off!”
For a while, all the passengers on the bus looked at Ye Fan and asked Ye Fan to get off the bus.
After all, the goal of those outside is Ye Fan, as long as Ye Fan gets out of the car, these passengers will undoubtedly be safe.
When the time comes, let the driver drive the car again, won’t they be completely out of danger?
As for Ye Fan’s life and death, what matters to them.
If you have done your sins, you should bear f4c4df02 yourself!
When everyone drove Ye Fan out of the car, Lu Wenjing was full of anxiety.
“Dad, think of a way.”
“These people are obviously coming for my brother Ye Fan, you save brother Ye Fan.” Lu Wenjing’s beautiful eyes flushed red anxiously because of worry.
However, Lu Mingze snorted coldly, “How? What can I do?”
“The misfortune he caused himself should be settled by himself.”
“Isn’t he quite arrogant just now. People who work with an annual salary of more than 300,000 yuan can’t look at him. Why is he now? Don’t dare to speak?”
“I don’t have the ability to cause trouble, no wonder your aunt and others don’t wait to see him and call him wasteful?”
Before Ye Fan refused him two jobs in a row, Lu Mingze had a bad attitude towards Ye Fan. Now because of him, their father and daughter are also in danger.
To Ye Fan, Lu Mingze was naturally even less angry.
When Lu Wenjing saw this, he naturally became more anxious. He grabbed Ye Fan’s hand and said anxiously: “Brother Ye Fan, you have something to say, please beg my dad, say something nice to my dad. You are me. Sister Qiu’s husband, and my mother is Sister Qiu’s sister-in-law. They are all relatives. As long as you beg my dad, my dad will not leave you alone.”
Lu Wenjing almost burst into tears.
Lu Mingze, who was on the side, snorted coldly and sat there with a straight face. Seeing that, he seemed to be holding a shelf and waiting for Ye Fan to beg him.
However, who could have imagined that Ye Fan just smiled calmly in the face of Lu Wenjing’s bitterness to persuade him: “Quiet, it’s okay.”
“It’s just a few clowns, they can’t help you, Brother Ye Fan.”
“From the beginning, they haven’t been in my eyes.”
Ye Fan’s words were not small.
A real bus passenger was shocked.
“Hungry to mow the grass!”
“This young man is going to heaven?”
“You are so young, so your tone is so big?”
“Still jumping the clown? Can’t get your eyes?”
“There are dozens of guys here. I really don’t know if you are a hairy boy, where do you have the confidence to say this?”
In the bus, many people couldn’t help shaking their heads and talking coldly. Looking at Ye Fan’s gaze, there was obviously more contempt and sarcasm.
“The young people nowadays really don’t know that the sky is so great.”
“Just let him suffer more.”
“The province makes trouble everywhere and hurts others.”
The surrounding passengers disdain to talk.
And Ye Fan had already got up and walked away like a car.
“Brother Ye Fan, don’t go~” Lu Wenjing was worried and was about to stop Ye Fan, but was stopped by Lu Mingze.
“Quiet, leave him alone, let him go!”
“Isn’t he great? Isn’t he arrogant?”
“A door-to-door son-in-law from the country, who is as good as two-five-eighty-thousand, is pretending to be poor all day, and can’t afford to work for thirty thousand a month.
“It’s okay now, let him suffer a little bit, and learn a little bit. The province doesn’t know how to be a man in the future?”

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