A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 653

Should I go to Nima?
Ye Fan’s uselessness, could he stabbed the sky?
At this moment, Lu Mingze’s whole person was almost frightened, and Ye Fan was even more cursed in his heart.
Before that, Lu Mingze had never imagined that this Ye Fan would attract the Third Young Master.
Who is the Third Young Master?
That’s the prince of Jingzhou!
The three young masters, actually speaking, didn’t do much, nor did they have any brilliant achievements.
It can even be said to be a second-generation ancestor, a famous demon king in Jingzhou!
After so many years, the disaster committed is definitely not small.
Some of these love affairs are well known in Jingzhou.
One of the most famous things is undoubtedly a platform lady who came to the restaurant. Despite his family’s opposition, he just wanted to marry him. I’m also going to cut it first and play it later, no matter if the wedding is held first. First URL m.
In the end, the wedding was of course not completed. At the banquet, the old man led people over and interrupted the doglegs of the third young master in public. In the end, the woman in the dust was driven out of Jiangdong by the old man. It is still unknown whether he is alive or dead. .
This incident can be described as a sensation, and after this incident, the Third Young Master has only become more honest.
However, even though these three young masters have no outstanding achievements, it can be said that they are a complete dude. But people in Jingzhou are not afraid of him.
After all, this person has a strong background!
His father, but the sky of Jingzhou.
His family is the first family in Jingzhou deservedly, with a profound heritage.
Who dares to provoke this class?
Is it too late for Lu Mingze and the others to agree?
But who could have thought that such a big man with a strong background would be provoked by a door-to-door son-in-law?
“What exactly is this Ye Fan doing?”
Lu Mingze was almost crying, he just begged now, he would not be implicated.
Otherwise, let alone their Lu family, even the company he works for, will never get better.
The moonlight is like water, and the night is lonely.
Here, there is a cool autumn breeze blowing slowly.
There was silence all around, Lu Mingze and all the passengers in the bus, because of fear and tremor, they held their breath and did not dare to gasp.
Outside the car, Zhou Sheng led dozens of his subordinates, bowing down.
That revered voice echoed throughout the world.
But Ye Fan looked calm, just like this, standing peacefully under the night.
The breeze blew up his sleeves, and the tip of his forehead was swaying in the wind.
Everyone was waiting, waiting for this man named San Young Master, the big man who made Zhou Sheng and others bow to welcome him, stepped out of the car.
However, one second~two seconds~
One minute
Until three minutes passed, there was still no movement.
The black Land Rover parked there quietly, and through the slightly opened windows, you could vaguely see the light on the dashboard inside the car. Otherwise, it was pitch black and nobody walked out of it.
Lu Mingze and others were stunned. I thought what was going on?
Zhou Sheng also wrinkled his brows slightly. He raised his respectful face, and thought to himself, Didn’t the Third Master not hear it?
“Welcome, Young Master!”
Zhou Sheng shouted again in a deep voice.
This time, his voice was louder than before, and even the passengers in the bus could hear the full-blown voice.
“Welcome, Young Master~”
The subordinates behind Zhou Sheng, also learning Zhou Sheng’s appearance, shouted again.
The deafening sound rolled by like a thunder, stunned the birds on the horizon.
However, this is the case, there is still no movement in the car.

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